150 words response to two of my classmates discussions today in 1


Post by Tanya YarritoMena

18 hours agoWeek 8

Charles Ives: Psalm 90  was a very beautiful song but while listening to the song and following along with the lyrics I noticed a certain line that tied in with Psalm 90:17 “establish thou the work of our hands”. The line “Let thy work appear unto thy servants, and thy glory unto their children”, the key word that linked them both was the word work. Now when someone is established in something they made a name for themselves they establish a credibility, platform,  or to be widely known for something. Everyone wants to make a mark on earth so generations and generations can remember them. Especially if that mark has a positive impact for generations and generations to come. In both songs they mention work and children so that the work that they use to establish change for children of all generations to learn from and to experience. If we choose to establish an individual work that can help generations and generations live in a better place we would be doing God’s work. If we individually  ask God to help us establish the work of our hands we are asking God for asking for long lasting knowledge so we can prosper in our relationship with God and are community in our churches so the generations after us who want to prosper in a relationship with God can have that blueprint we all helped create. I want to continue prospering in my relationship with God and continue being a participant in my church (community) so that one day when I have children to continue that. When we also establish the work of our hands the goal is for God to help show us our purpose so we can help share the word and help the world be a better place through Christianity. 

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150 words response to two of my classmates discussions today in 1
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Post by Kayleen Souza
21 hours agoRe: Week 8 | Discussion – Living the StoryGood evening class
Wow I forgot week 8 runs earlier and quicker so even though I’m late to the party I’d just like to say I have enjoyed reading all of your post and seeing your thoughts on the assignments. 
This week was an interesting week. I actually enjoyed the music. I find myself listening to a lot of classical and musical pieces while trying to concentrate on my assignments.  This was helpful to reflect upon the verse Psalm 90:17 because it helped make it more clear. Hearing the powerful voices was just amazing. 
For me when it says what does it mean for God to establish the work of our hands, my opinion on that is simply that God has written or path down, now we have to follow his directions and allow our heads, hearts and mouths deliver Gods will. Using the talents we were given to lead our fellow man to the promise land. 
God bless you all and good luck on all your future endeavors. 
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