670- Outline


This should be a 1-2 page paper outline. The outline will follow the appropriate APA format including an appropriate title page and properly formatted reference page.

This paper should be an analytical research paper of publishable quality. The subject of the paper will be Organizational issues – Organizational and administrative features of health care facilities or systems. The outline should have these sections.

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670- Outline
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The Research Paper will include the following sections. Students must use the following headings for each section.
Identification of the issue–This section of the paper will identify the issue and any influence factors. It should also address why this issue should be researched.
Background–Students will use this section of the paper to build the foundation for the project. It should include a discussion of the current status of the issue or trend. Both the status of the issue for the student’s current state as well as the current national status of the issue should be addressed.  The final component of this section should address the current impact of this issue on the role of the health administrator.
Problem Analysis/Literature Review–The problem analysis is based on a critical review of published literature, the theories typically used to frame research on the subject area, knowledge available and research methods used with what degree of success. Select at least five research studies from peer-reviewed journals in the field that relate to the topic issue. Students will discuss current research findings related to the issue. The discussion should be more than a summary of the articles. It should be a critical analysis of the research. This review should provide support for the selection of the current issue.
Discussion–This section should address the limitations of the current research. Because all research has its limitations, it is important to discuss the limitations of the research articles under examination.
Proposed Solutions–This section should address proposed solutions to the correct, address, or bring attention to the selected issue. Although transformational thinking is encouraged, rational solutions should be proposed.  This section should also address how the role of the health administrator will be altered based on the solutions proposed.
Conclusions–The conclusion restates the problem the paper addresses and summarizes the writer’s thoughts on the selected issue. This section also offers areas for further study.
Christian Worldview -The last part of the paper should also address how your Christian worldview perspective impacts or frames the issues presented in the paper.

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