The social ecology of health model provides a strong framework for comprehending the impact culture and behavior has on health.This discussion explores the model with respect to the Healthy People assigned forcus area assigned to you during the new assignment.MY assigned topic is GLOBAL HEALTH.To prepare for this Discussion Review the social ecology of health model by completing the following interactive exercise.It will allow you to deepen your understanding of the model by focusing on each element in the model’s hierarchy.

1)Reflect on the five Hierachical  levels of influence associated with the social ecology of health model.(Intrapersonal,interpersonal,organizational,community ,and society.

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2) Consider the upstream (primary and secondary prevention) and downstream(tertiary prevention approaches to the model with your health people assigned focus area Global health.Comprehensive response of 300 -450words about your Healthy people assigned focus area. Global health.1)How might you react to being diagnosed with the disease/condition associated with your Healthy People assigned foucus area?what are some of the cultural biases to being diagnosed with this disease?  2)Describe one primary and one secondary method of preventing the health problem( i.e upstream methods) which would you most likely choose? 3)Describe two biomedical methods.(tertiary prevention) or dealing with the health problem(i.e downstream methods.)In your word, explain how social ecology of health model could be used to address this health issue.Give at least one example applying terms from the model.Be sure to cite your supporting documentation appropriately in correct APA format no similarities and plagiarism.use microsoft word 

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