Develop Communication


Back to Green Tree Hospital. How is it going?

There is one problem. You have been so busy getting your compliance up and running, you haven’t had much time to communicate with your staff. You’ve tried a few meetings, but mostly you’ve had to send out cryptic, impersonal emails. Your staff members are starting to complain. You overheard one of your clerks state, “I’m still not sure what the new HIPAA provisions have to do with handing out pills.” Other staff members have admitted that you are never around when they have questions about some detail related to compliance.

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Develop Communication
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Before you write, research websites for ideas about communication in compliance. Focus your research on your Weeks 01 and 02 list of federal and private regulatory bodies and accreditation organizations. Then write a 2-3 page proposal on “How to Build New and Exciting Compliance Communication at Green Tree Hospital.” In your proposal, be sure to refer to two or three items from your research in websites of regulatory and accreditation agencies. Add a References page at the end.


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