Need 2 Questions Answered!!


Hello, I have 2 questions that need be answered in 200 words each. It is not essay questions, just quiz questions but 200 words each or more is required.


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Need 2 Questions Answered!!
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1. Shorelines are temporary geologic and topographic features. Explain this statement. (Hint: what are some of the forces affecting both the erosion and deposition of materials? What are some common temporary shoreline features – both erosional and depositional?)


2.A variety of techniques and efforts are used to stabilize shorelines throughout the world. Discuss these techniques. Are they temporary or permanent? Also, discuss at least two ways in which the development of coastal areas contributes to shoreline erosion? (Hint: think about rivers and what they contribute to our beaches. Also, what increases with the creation of roads and rooftops?)

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