Response two of my classmates discussions in hour


Post by Tanya YarritoMena

1 day agoWeek 5 Why Remember? Discussion

 The Israelites forgot where they came from, which was enslavement and very harsh living. So since they forgot where they come from and what God has done for them they became very greedy and sinful. They were so close to God but yet so far because they let their greed put a strain on their relationship with them. Being able to tell the new generations of the generation their mistake will help them to understand what they should and should not do. Do not let history repeat itself. This I can relate to because I use the stories of what God’s people had been through and learned from him to help guide me in my relationship with God and help guide me to a path of my faith in God. It is important for the Isrealities to remember so they can stay humble and obedient to God so they can gain a close relationship with him . Their ancestors mistakes and story that we learned in Exodus was the blueprint of how not and how to gain a close relationship with God. 

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Response two of my classmates discussions in hour
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Post by Jennifer AfalavaLilio

1 day agoWeek 5 – Why Remember

What is the place of Deuteronomy within the story of the Bible? What purpose did it serve to the ancient Israelites? What purpose does it serve today?

Deuteronomy is the the part of the Bible where the Israelites are finally going to enter the promise land. The Israelites has wandered the wilderness for 40 years because of their complaining, their lack of faith and most importantly their disobedience to God’s laws. The purpose it served the ancient Israelites is the reminder of what God had brought them from and the miracles He performed. He removed them from slavery, he performed the plagues on Pharoah and his people, He parted the Red Sea, he provided manna and gave them quail when they insisted on having meat and even gave them shade (with a cloud) to lead them along with many more miracles. Today, it serves as a lesson and a reminder that God makes a way for His people and wants what’s best for us, but we also have a responsibility to follow the guidelines He’s given us in the Bible. God is leading us to the Promise Land for eternity if we choose. 

Do you see your life as connected to the biblical story? Why or why not?

Absolutely! I fail daily and have to ask for forgiveness for my shortcomings from God. Also, I fail my circle – family, friends, etc., but I’m constantly reminded to do better, learn from my mistakes and press on. I know the importance of the company I keep to encourage good behavior that will glorify God and not myself. I am no different than the children of Israelites. I’m constantly refocusing on Him and trying not to complain and forget that He is control and demands obedience. This story is one I can relate to and relevant to learn from. 

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