Short Essay


Answer questions in an essay format with your own words even when cited.

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Short Essay
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References inluded


A.       Describe in detail the 6 assessment dimensions of the ASAM patient placement criteria. Discuss their impact on proper placement and treatment planning.



B.       Describe Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), its origins, history, foundations, and development. Detail the AA program of recovery, philosophy, how it works, and spin-off programs.



C.       Describe in detail group therapy. Include a discussion of its curative factors, history, and processes. Note the various types of therapy groups and how they work.



D.       Describe in detail the Stages of Change denoting each stage and describing the paths and processes associated with this model and each stage.



E.       Discuss the physical effects of alcohol and describe in detail how various blood alcohol concentrations effect driving ability and life functions.

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