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Subject: Economics    / Accounting
Question1. Per the article, Milton Friedman’s position on inflation follows the ____________ on inflation. From this point, if the central bank prints more money then the value of money will, assuming everything else is the same, _____________________.Select one:a. Institutional theory; decreaseb. Quantity theory; increasec. Institutional theory; increased. Quantity theory; decrease2. Per the article, if individual workers believe that inflation will be higher in the future then they would like to negotiate for ______________ wages today.Select one:a. lowerb. higher3. Critical thinking: With respect to work and a working contract, if inflation is low and tame, then workers and managers will want to enter into a ___________________.Select one:a. long term contractb. short term contract4. Per the article, what is the best indicator for inflation?Select one:a. Printing of moneyb. Institutional structurec. Workers and companies raising their prices when inflation is downd. Raw materialsArticle: Central Banks Ratchet Up Reserves5. Per the article, if the Federal Reserve conducts contractionary _______________________ policy using interest rates then we would expect, assuming everything else is the same, the U.S. dollar to get _________________________.Select one:a. Monetary; weakerb. Fiscal; strongerc. Fiscal; weakerd. Monetary; stronger

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[Solved] Assignment 2110005
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