[Solved] Assignment 2110031


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Subject: Business    / Finance
To complete this PDP assignment: · Write a critically reflective paper (500 words) on the following: * Your prior and current knowledge, plus experience of the module’s key concepts and themes, including those you have identified as particular areas of interest * Your previous personal biases and assumptions about key module topics, plus how these might now have changed * Your current practice related to key module topics * Potential areas for your personal development and strategies to continue this growth (this could include your work or future studies). Topic covered the below Financial statements: Analysis and the role of regulation (Managing financial statements, analysis and the role of regulation) External reports and public reporting Accounting standard Standards and SMEs Local and international accounting standards International accounting standardization Financial statement: preparation Fundamentals of management accounting; Management and accounting information systems Cost structures and cost–volume relationships Operating gearing Statement of cash flows and the need for statements of cash flows Statements of cash flows, user groups (stakeholders and their differing needs) Statement of cash flow versus cash flow forecast Limitations of statement of cash flows Profitability versus liquidity Limiting factors (capital rationing) Managing financial resources ‘The Relevance and Behavior of Costs Full Costing

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[Solved] Assignment 2110031
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