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Subject: History    / General History
Questionour assignment is to write a1,600-word research paperon the most relevant events and developments in the history of the State of Arizona:In order to earn full credit, you must adhere to the following eight rules:1. Your paper must include atitle, anintroduction,and yourconclusions. Your analysis should contain extensive vocabulary and concepts learned in this course with references to specific page numbers in your textbook.2. In addition to your textbook, youmust utilizeat leastfive additional sources, including a minimum of one book other than the textbook. Only one source can come from a website. However, you can also use online academic journals accessible through MyPima. The more resources and references, the better.You may not use Wikipedia.com or any variation of Wikipedia as a source for your paper.3. Parenthetical citationswith specific page numbers are mandatory. Please follow MLA guidelines. If you do not remember your writing classes, there are many websites with MLA guidelines available.Citations cannot constitute more than 10% of your paper.You must not have more than160 wordsin quotations.Your grade will decrease severely if you use more than the maximum allowed of quoted words.4. Your paper must be submitted as an attachment inMSWord, WordPerfectorRTFfile typeviaD2L Dropbox(your document must be non-protected so I can do word count and plagiarism check) on or before the deadline. However, papers will not be graded before the deadline.PAPERS WILL NOT BE GRADED AND EARN ZERO POINTS IF THEY ARE:Ø submitted lateØ sent via emailØ only pasted on the submission boxØ submitted in file types different than the specified above (WPS files are not allowed)5. An essay must be at least 1,600 words not including references, titles, subtitles, and graphs or tables. Less than 1,600 words will decrease your score significantly.6. Include a References page at the end of your paper.7. You MAY NOT submit a paper that was previously submitted in another class. Also, you MAY NOT use a paper that has been previously checked by Turnitin plagiarism detection or grammar check.8. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Plagiarism in this assignment will earn you anFin the entire course.Submitted Files

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[Solved] Assignment 2110056
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