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QuestionJournal IVJournal IV (Journal for Modules 7 & 8)Module 7 AssignmentsRead The Portable Thoreau“Where I Lived, and What I Lived For”“Reading”“Sounds,” pp. 288-290 only“Conclusion”1. Click on Module 7.2. Click on GO TO arrow and this will open the drop down box.3. Click onGuiding Questions 1, 2 and 3..gif”>.gif”>8HopePHI101Interaction – Page 3 of 22.gif”>.gif”>Top-Bar.gif”>Bottom-Bar.gif”>.gif”>.gif”>.gif”>Go to:Module circle.gif”>In reading Miller, don’t be put off by the Latin. It is the overall story that counts. Some of the Latin that is important will be translated for you. The Latin is mostly for giving religious context to the story. (In 1959 the Catholic Church was pre-Vatican II [1962-1965] and had not begun to use the vernacular in the liturgy.)Miller has a Florida connection. He was born in New Smyrna Beach (1922) and died in 1996 in Daytona Beach. He participated in 53 bombing runs over Italy and the Balkans during World War II, and these included the bombing and destruction of Monte Cassino (where Benedict had written his Rule ca. 540, and the oldest continuing monastery in the west). He converted to Roman Catholicism in 1947. Canticleis the only novel published in his lifetime. It won the Hugo Award in 1961 (science fiction’s highest award). It is brilliant, dense with significance, and provocative.In Canticle, one of the continuing threads is provided by a monastic order, the Albertian

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[Solved] Assignment 2110097
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