[Solved] Assignment 21102


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Subject: Business / Management
MONEY & BANKING Management (MGT411)QUIZ # 01MARKS: 10Time: 15mintues1- A lender is promised a $100 payment (including interest) one year from today. If the lender has an 8% opportunity cost of money, he should be willing to accept what amount today?A.$100.00B.$108.20C.$92.59D.$96.402- The higher the Future Value (FV) of the payment, the higher will be the:A.Discount rateB.Present valueC.LiquidityD.Cost of borrowing3- The procedure of finding out the Present Value (PV) is known as:A.DiscountingB.CompoundingC.Time value of moneyD.Bond pricing4 —————- tells us after how much time period the amount of money will become double.A.Real interest rateB.Nominal interest rateC.Rule of 72D.Time value of money5- The interest rate used in the present value calculation is often referred to as:A.Discount rateB.Inflation rateC.Nominal rateD.None of the given option6- The procedure of finding out the Future Value (FV) is known as:A.DiscountingB.CompoundingC.Time value of moneyD.Bond pricing7- The price of a bond is the —————- of its payments.A.Present ValueB.Future ValueC.Coupon rateD.Principal amount8- The —————is defined as the probability weighted average of the squared deviations of the possible outcomes from their expected value.A.Standard deviationB.VarianceC.MeanD.Median9- The difference between real and nominal interest rate isA.The cost of borrowingB.The effect of inflationC.The price of bondsD.None of the given option10- The Future Value (FV) of $1000 in 5 years at 5% interest rate will be:A.$1000.00B.$1276.28C.$999.99D.$1500.52 

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[Solved] Assignment 21102
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