[Solved] Assignment 211022


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21. The proper roles expected of the board of directors of a corporation include which of the following?

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[Solved] Assignment 211022
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A. Guarantors, guardians, and fiduciaries B. Custodians, guardians, and stewards C. Guardians, protectors, guarantors D. Officers, custodians, and owners

22. A recent regulatory audit of RBI Financial Corporation revealed that the company is in compliance with six new regulations and noncompliance with three new rules. The RBI legal counsel gathered the following financial data with the cooperation of functional management. All data is in thousands (k). Cost of planning K Cost of hiring employees $10K Fines and penalties 0K Cost of training K Cost of implementation $20K Court costs $1K Cost of reporting K Cost of legal fees $15K Reputation costs $50K What is the out-of-pocket cost of noncompliance for the RBI Corporation?

A. $116k B. $129k C. $166k D. $121k

23. Which of the following represents the costs associated with safety stock as a cushion?


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