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Subject: Mathematics    / Algebra
QuestionStudents should select one problem and solve. Post should include a detailed solution and explanation. Please show your work, so other students can see how you got your answer.1. A student receives test scores of 62, 83, and 91. The student’s final exam score is 88 and homework score is 76. Each test is worth 20% of the final grade, the final exam is 25% of the final grade and the homework grade is 15% of the final grade. What is the student’s mean score in the class?2. The amounts of money won by the top ten finishers in the recent Daytona 500 are listed below. Find the mean and median winnings. Round to the nearest dollar. Which measure- the man or the median- best represents the data? Explain.$2,194,246 $464,084 $164,096 $199,209 $438,834$613,659 $142,884 $240,731 $145,809 $290,5963. The mean score of a competency test is 65, with a standard deviation of 4. Use the Empirical Rule to find the percentage of scores between 53 and 77.4. The average SAT verbal score is 490, with a standard deviation of 96. Use the Empirical Rule to determine what percent of the scores lie between 298 and 586.5. In a random sample, 10 students were asked to compute the distance they travel one way to school to the nearest tenth of a mile. The data is listed below.1.1 5.2 3.6 5.0 4.8 1.8 2.2 5.2 1.5 0.8a. If a constant value k is added to each value, how will the standard deviation be affected?b. If each value is multiplied by a constant k, how will the standard deviation be affected?

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[Solved] Assignment 2110336
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