[Solved] Assignment 211116


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Communication and Reporting

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[Solved] Assignment 211116
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Assume your company has to manage a large convention. You expect approximately 10,000 attendees, spanning four days. Your company is responsible for securing a venue, negotiating contracts with the venue, caterer, logistics contractor, hotels, and transportation services. Your customer is an agency of the Federal government, and has warned you that changes may occur in the scope of the project as planning proceeds.

    At which all stages of the project, such as booking of the venue and contracting a caterer, should you communicate the risks to the customer?
    Are there risks and advantages associated with providing the risk information to the customer? Explain and provide reasons for your answers.
    If changes occur to the scope of the project, will the risks also change? Provide an example each of a change in scope for the project that would and would not result in a change in the risk.

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