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Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
An original biography of Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa.
This project involves researching and writing a short biography on Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa. Our text
addresses many of the areas in the management and control of quality and provides a great
amount of information on a number of different quality concepts. However, the authors only
mention Dr. Ishikawa in passing. Just who is Kaoru Ishikawa? Prepare a 1,000-word
biographical paper on Ishikawa, describing his contributions to quality. You should not limit your
research to online materials. Two of his books are excellent sources: (1) What Is Total Quality
Control: The Japanese Way (1985) and (2) Guide to Quality Control (1976). Submit the
completed paper to your Dropbox.
You will research this person’s life and work to determine the impacts that he has had in the
world. You will define the quality leader’s significant contributions to modern quality practices
in terms of major impacts in a specific organization. The project will enable you to understand Ishikawa’s key ideas; how Ishikawa has influenced quality practices throughout the world; how his ideas fit into total quality management; and the implications of Ishikawa’s ideas for the future of quality.
The project will require sustained research effort until the paper is submitted. You are
encouraged to begin work on the project during Week 1 and be prepared to submit the required
project deliverables by the end of Week 3. A basic APA tutorial can be found in the
Webliography, and a paper template can be found in Doc Sharing.

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[Solved] Assignment 21119
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