[Solved] Assignment 21121


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Subject: Business / Finance
Due on: 05/20/2017
Imagine you have just been hired as the Treasurer and CFO of a new company which has customers in 50 states and is a spin-off from an existing larger company, and as a result of this separation, you need to build a cash management infrastructure from scratch. Based on what you’ve read this week and your other research (as well as business sense), what are your most significant concerns in this overall effort?As part of your overall cash management system, you might consider discussing a “lockbox” system with your banking partner. What does this system entail and what are its benefits?Some companies use “zero-balance accounts” (sometimes referred to as ZBA’s), which is a type of controlled disbursement account. What kinds of things are ZBA’s generally used for and how do these accounts work? What are some of the benefits of ZBA’s in the design of your overall system?

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[Solved] Assignment 21121
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