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Subject: Business    / Management
Question#1. Your client is the Community Pregnancy Clinic located in Miami, Florida. The clinic offers free counseling and medical attention for women in the neighborhood who are pregnant. Most of the cliental is teenaged girls with limited education. The clinic director has asked your company to create the following documents to give to their clients and put on their website. (You can choose which one you want to create. You only need to create one document.)? Stages of Pregnancy (Trimester 1, 2, 3). Focus on either the mother or the fetus.? Baby Development Stages (1-3 mo; 4-6 mo; 4-6 mo; 6-9 mo; 9-12 mo.? Types of Birth Control? Safe Sex Practices#2. Your client is a large physician group that specializes in the elderly patient. You have been hired to create a document for the patients and their caregivers outlining the seven stages of Alzheimer’s disease.#3. Your client is the Burlington County Prep School. You have been hired to create a document to be used in their eighth grade science classes. This will be handed out to the students are part of a unit on the topic. Your audience is fairly bright 8th grade students. You only need to create one document on one topic but you have several topics to choose from:? The process of photosynthesis? The process of respiration? The life cycle of a mosquito? The process of digestion? How a tornado forms? How a coral reef forms? How a volcano forms#4. Your client is a large law firm in Tampa, Florida. They have hired your company to develop several documents to hand out to clients and to post on their website.? The process of buying a house? The process of evicting a tenant? Degrees of murder? Define sexual harassment? Define sexual abuse? Define child abuse? Define bullying (in school or in the workplace)#5. Your client is an elementary school teacher who wants to teach her students about the government. She teaches 5th grade to low income students with poor reading skills. She needs you to create the following documents (choose one).? How the United States elects a president? How a bill becomes law? The three branches of governmentinstructionsThis is your last formal writing assignment. Make sure you have gone through all of the materials in this unit before you begin.This report must meet the following guidelines:1. Word length is between 1500 words (you can go over, but not under).2. You must choose one of the prompts given in this unit.3. You must write the type of report required by the prompt.4. You must complete the topic proposal and guided reading questions as they are a major part of your grade.5. Your paper must look professional and meet the layout and design guidelines outlined in this unit.6. You must have at least 6 different sources on your works cited page.7. You must have a minimum of 6-8 in text citations derived from the sources summarized on your annotated bibliography.

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[Solved] Assignment 2113961
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