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Subject: Physics    / General Physics
QuestionFor a simple gear train with six different-sized gears, with gear 1 as the input gear and gear 6 as the output gear, which gears must be considered when finding the velocity and torque ratios? A.All six gearsB.Only the second, fourth, and sixth gearsC.Only the first, third, and fifth gearsD.Only the first and sixth gearsA girl who weighs 490 N sits on one side of a see-saw, 5 m away from the center. Her friend sits on the other side, 3 m away from the center. If the see-saw is balanced, what is the mass of her friend? A.30.0 kgB.83.3 kgC.2450 kgD.816.7 kgA rider uses 200 N of force to keep a bicycle moving at a constant speed of 8 m?s. What is the total work done after 20 s? A.25 kJB.1600 kJC.10 kJD.32 kJA 200 ft * lb/s power source is connected to a fan with an angular velocity of 80 rad/s. What is the torque of the fan?A.0.4 ft*lbB.16000 ft*lbC.2.5 ft*lbD.120 ft*lbA gear with an infinite gear diameter is called what kind of gear? A.Spur gearB.Helical gearC.Rack gearD.Bevel gearAn apple falling from a tree is ________. A.not gaining or losing any kinds of energyB.loses gravitational potential energy, but gains elastic potential energyC.losing gravitational potential energy and gaining kinetic energyD.gaining both gravitational potential and kinetic energy

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[Solved] Assignment 2114030
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