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[Solved] Assignment 2114625
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    What is international corporate governance? What is the Anglo American model vs the stakeholder model, vs the Keiretsu model?

International Monetary System

    What are fixed exchange rates?
    What are floating exchange rates?
    What is a dirty float?
    What is a currency board?
    What is dollarization?
    How do central banks intervene in the fx markets?
    What was Bretton Woods?
    What were the institutions that were created during the Bretton Woods agreement?
    What were the characteristics of the Bretton Woods exchange rate agreement?
    What caused the Bretton Woods exchange rate system to fail?
    What are currency crises and contagions?
    What is the Euro? What is the European Union? What is the European Monetary Union, aka the Eurozone?

Balance of Payments

What is the balance of payments?

What is the current account?

What is ‘merchandise trade’?

What is the financial account?

What is the official reserves account?

On which accounts does the US have a surplus/deficit?

What are the problems with a trade deficit?


What are the differences between forecasting fixed and floating exchange rates?

What is technical vs fundamental analysis?

What is the benchmark for measuring forecasting performance?

Exchange rate Problems

Characteristics of the fx market

Bid ask spreads

Changing currency

Cross rates

Triangular arbitrage

Forward discount or premium; appreciation or depreciation

Forward swap and outright quotes

Parity Conditions




Unbiased expectations hypothesis

Covered interest arbitrage

Carry trade


    What are “Brexit” and “Grexit”?
    What is going on with China and American opinion on Chinese export policy?
    What is the situation with Japan’s interest rate policy?

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