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[Solved] Assignment 212513
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1 Discuss how the use of Strategic Partnering helps to alleviate the bullwhip effect.

2 What is the bullwhip effect and what impacts can it have in the supply chain?

3 Discuss and elaborate on the following statement: "The selection of a superior location network can create substantial competitive advantage.“

4 What are the penalties of facing highly variable demand? Are there any advantages?

5 Show the elements involved in the process of deciding when to order and how much to order by using a ‘sawtooth model’ of inventory.

6 Distinguish between using an exact optimization technique and a heuristic to solve a problem?

7 Explain why risk pooling across locations is attractive to extended supply chains.

8 Discuss five (5) ways that the lead times within a supply chain can be reduced.

9 “CycleWorld distributes the majority of their orders for pushbikes across 60 vendors so it was very important for them to manage this at a network rather than a local level. They implemented Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) technology coupled with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and other technologies to effectively manage their inventory across their multi-site distribution environment.” Name and then briefly discuss three outcomes CycleWorld would expect from a distributed inventory model that used EDI and ERP.

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