[Solved] Assignment 213884


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Subject: Engineering    / General Engineering
QuestionDownload and install PSCAD (.ca/pscad/pscad-features/read,article/7/free-version”>https://hvdc.ca/pscad/pscad-features/read,article/7/free-version)
Download and install PowerWorld (.powerworld.com/download-purchase/demo-software”>http://www.powerworld.com/download-purchase/demo-software)
Watch Video Instructions 2. Familiarization with using PSCAD-EMTDC at the following location:.ece.umn.edu/groups/power/labs/ps/video_instructions.html”>http://www.ece.umn.edu/groups/power/labs/ps/video_instructions.html
Perform experiment Laboratory Experiment 2: Intro to PSCAD/EMTDC in “Electric Power Systems Lab Manual.pdf”
Submit all calculations and capture screenshots of PSCAD output plots from Laboratory Tasks and Report sectionAttachments
Laboratory_Experiment_2_Familiarization_with_PSCADEMTDC.pdf (43.11 KB)

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[Solved] Assignment 213884
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