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Subject: Computer Science    / General Computer Science
QuestionIFSM 2 Software PiracySoftware piracy. How many of you have ever made an unauthorized copy of software, downloaded software or music (free or for a fee), or used copyrighted information without giving proper credit or asking permission? Was this illegal or just wrong? How is this being addressed?Apply decision-making frameworks to IT-related ethical issuesThere are several ethical theories described in Module 1: Ethical Theories. Module 2: Methods of Ethical Decision Making, describes frameworks for ethical analysis. For this paper, students will use the Reynolds Seven-Step approach to address the following:·Describe a current IT-related ethical issue; and define a problem statement
Analyze your problem using a decision-making framework chosen from Module 2.
Discuss the applicable ethical theory from Module 1 that supports your decision.
Prepare a minimum 3- 5 page, double-spaced paper and submit it to your Assignments Folder as an attached Microsoft Word file.
Use APA style and format. Provide appropriate American Psychological Association (APA) reference citations for all sources. In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style.Each of Reynolds seven steps must be a major heading in your paper.It is very important to have these 7 steps in the paper and the paper should be geared towards ethics. This is more of an ethics class.

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[Solved] Assignment 214619
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