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Subject: Economics / Microeconomics QuestionI’ve selected Cleveland Clinic. But would like help with the research and explanation.
IHP 620 Final Project Milestone Three Guidelines and RubricPrompt: In Milestone One, you selected an organization to analyze from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database and received approvaland feedback from your instructor on your proposal. In Milestone Two, you submitted a draft of the policy research report and received feedback. Now, forMilestone Three of your final project, you will apply the economic principles you have examined through the first seven weeks of the course to your chosenorganization by submitting a draft of the organizational analysis report.Based on instructor feedback and direction to this milestone, you will revise your organizational analysis report for the final submission of the policy researchand organizational analysis report in Module Nine.Your analysis of your chosen organization must address the following elements:I. Organizational Impact and Recommendations:A. Organization Introduction: What organization is the focus of your report, the sub-industry or type of organization it belongs to (home care,hospital, etc.), and what is the financial background of the organization?B. Nonprofit or For-Profit: Is the organization you selected a nonprofit or a for-profit? What differences will this make in terms of economic policyimpact? II. Financials, Market, and Demand:A. Demand Theory: Explain how demand theory is reflected in the organizational financial statements.B. Market Behavior Impact: Explain how and why market behavior affects the financial statements at various times throughout the calendar yearfor your organization. III. Economic Legislative Changes:A. Legislative Changes: Considering the economic and legislative changes you researched, what changes are most likely to impact yourorganization, and why?B. Policy Changes and Impact: Considering the legislative changes and type of organization you have selected, what possible organizational policiesmay result? Discuss the possible resulting policy changes that may occur within the organization. What is, or will be, the impact of these policyand legislative changes on your organization?C. Statement Impact: In what ways would you expect to see the financial statements to be impacted because of these changes, and why?D. Potential Disparities: Would the legislative changes cause disparities in care that could further impact your organization, or that yourorganization could plan to combat? How would you recommend planning for these? Guidelines for Submission: Your report should be in APA format and all resources and references should be cited appropriately. A well-written, concise reportwill fall within the range of 4–6 pages, not including a title and reference page. Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the Grade Center. For more information,review these instructions. RubricCritical ElementsOrganizationIntroduction Exemplary (100%)Meets “Proficient” criteria anddescription is concise bydelivering key elements withoutsuperfluous detailNonprofit or For-Profit Meets “Proficient” criteria andsummary evidences ability totranslate the larger view ofeconomic impact in healthcare tothe level of a specificorganizationDemand TheoryMeets “Proficient” criteria andevidences keen insight intoappropriate application and useof demand theory for a particularorganizationMarket BehaviorImpact Legislative Changes Policy Changes andImpact Proficient (90%)Accurately and in detail describesthe selected organization, subindustry, and financialbackgroundDetermines whether theorganization is for-profit ornonprofit and accuratelysummarizes the impact this factwill have in terms of economicpolicyAccurately describes howdemand theory is reflected in theorganizational financialstatements Needs Improvement (75%)Describes the selectedorganization, sub-industry, andfinancial background, but withgaps in accuracy or detailDetermines whether theorganization is for-profit ornonprofit and summarizes theimpact this fact will have in termsof economic policy, but with gapsin detail or accuracyDescribes how demand theory isrelated to the financialstatements, but with gaps inaccuracy or detail regarding howthe statements reflect demandtheoryMeets “Proficient” criteria andAccurately explains how market Explains how and why marketexplanation evidences keenbehavior impacts the financialbehavior impacts the financialinsight into the nuancedstatements of the organization at statements of the organization atrelationship between marketvarious times throughout thevarious times throughout thebehavior and financial impacts to year, and explains whyyear, but with gaps in detail oran organizationaccuracyMeets “Proficient” criteria andAccurately determines andDetermines and explains theevidences keen insight into how explains the recent economicrecent economic legislativethe current economic legislation legislative changes that wouldchanges that would most likelychanges will impact organizations most likely impact the selectedimpact the selected organization,organizationbut with gaps in accuracy ordetailMeets “Proficient” criteria andLogically determines the impact Determines the impact theevidences keen insight into thethe recent legislative changes will recent legislative changes willnuanced impact of legislativehave on the selectedhave on the organization and itschanges on healthcareorganization and its policies, with policies, but with gaps in logic ororganizationssupportive detailsupporting detail Not Evident (0%)Does not describe the selectedorganization, sub-industry, orfinancial background Value12 Does not determine whether theorganization is for-profit ornonprofit and summarize theimpact this fact will have in termsof economic policy 12 Does not describe how demandtheory is related to the financialstatements 10 Does not explain how and whymarket behavior impacts thefinancial statements of theorganization at various timesthroughout the year 12 Does not determine and explainthe recent economic legislativechanges that would most likelyimpact the selected organization 12 Does not determine the impactthe recent legislative changes willhave on the organization and itspolicies 12 Statement Impact Meets “Proficient” criteria andevidences keen insight into thefacets and factors that influencefinancial statements Accurately describes how thefinancial statements areimpacted based on legislativeand policy changes Potential Disparities Meets “Proficient” criteria andevidences keen insight into thecontinuously evolving healthcareenvironment or theunpredictable impacts oflegislation on specificorganizations and availability ofcareSubmission is free of errorsrelated to citations, grammar,spelling, syntax, and organizationand is presented in a professionaland easy-to-read format Recommends logical methods toplan for legislative and policydriven disparities in care toprevent further organizationalimpact Articulation ofResponse Submission has no major errorsrelated to citations, grammar,spelling, syntax, or organization Describes how the financialstatements are impacted butlacks accuracy or necessary detailregarding legislative and policychangesRecommends methods to planfor legislative and policy-drivendisparities in care, but theywould not logically preventfurther organizational impact Does not describe how thefinancial statements areimpacted 10 Does not recommend methodsto plan for legislative and policydriven disparities in care 10 Submission has major errorsrelated to citations, grammar,spelling, syntax, or organizationthat negatively impact readabilityand articulation of main ideas Submission has critical errorsrelated to citations, grammar,spelling, syntax, or organizationthat prevent understanding ofideasEarned Total 10 100% 

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[Solved] Assignment 2150
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