[Solved] Assignment 215135


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Subject: Health Care    / General Health Care
I’m working for a mutual fund management company and my fund manager expects me to develop a 10 slide presentation dealing with investing in Healthcare fund and to present a guide for investment decisions. My presentation will be made up of slides, handouts, etc., to present an overview of investment opportunities and strategy in Healthcare.Based on my information, my fund manager will make a decision to buy or sell and to guide investment policy.
My Deliverable: Is approx. a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation using charts and graphs, keeping text to a minimum and a two-page narrative to accompany the slides presentation.
The questions I need to answer are listed below:
1) Have an outline of firms having a large component of sales and strategy in the healthcare.
2) Determine the leading firms, 10 or so and their individual strategies (brief), current financial position, EVA and outlook.
3) Perform a Financial Analysis (Ratios, Evaded) to support my reasons and to point out risks to earnings growth.
4) Determine investment potential by comparing current stock valuation to growth rates and analyst estimates of future earnings and my view of future earnings growth.
5) Determine how I would allocate $10 Million among the stocks for diversification and maximum capital gains over a one-year period.
6) Make a convincing case

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[Solved] Assignment 215135
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