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Subject: Economics    / General Economics
QuestionQuestion 1 of 1010.0/ 10.0 PointsBusiness cycles areA.movements in stock prices.B.the transfer of executives between firms.C.used to describe fluctuations in GDP.D.a description of the time required to bring a new product to market.Question 2 of 1010.0/ 10.0 PointsEconomists define the unemployed as individuals who areA.not currently working.B.not currently working but are actively looking for work.C.working but looking for a different job.D.working less than their desired amount of time.Question 3 of 1010.0/ 10.0 PointsEconomists define the labor force to includeA.only people who are working full time.B.people who are working.C.people who are not working but are actively looking for a job, and people who are working.D.all individuals of work age, regardless of whether they are working or looking for a job.Question 4 of 1010.0/ 10.0 PointsPeople who want to work but have stopped looking for work because they could not find jobs after actively searching are calledA.employed.B.unemployed.C.discouraged workers.D.empowered.Question 5 of 100.0/ 10.0 PointsUnemployment that naturally occurs during the normal workings of an economy as people change jobs and move across the country is calledA.natural unemployment.B.frictional unemployment.C.structural unemployment.D.cyclical unemployment.Question 6 of 1010.0/ 10.0 Points________ unemployment occurs due to a mismatch between the jobs that are available and the skills of workers seeking jobs.A.StructuralB.CyclicalC.FrictionalD.VoluntaryQuestion 7 of 1010.0/ 10.0 PointsAt full employment the unemployment rate equals theA.cyclical unemployment rate.B.structural unemployment rate.C.structural unemployment rate plus the cyclical unemployment rate.D.structural unemployment rate plus the frictional unemployment rate.Question 8 of 1010.0/ 10.0 PointsEconomists consider an economy to be at “full employment” whenA.the unemployment rate equals the natural rate of unemployment.B.there is only a small amount of cyclical unemployment.C.there is no frictional unemployment.D.there is no structural unemployment.Question 9 of 100.0/ 10.0 PointsEconomists say that the economy is at “full employment” when theA.structural unemployment rate is zero.B.total unemployment rate is zero.C.frictional unemployment rate is zero.D.cyclical unemployment rate is zero.Question 10 of 100.0/ 10.0 PointsThe economy needs some unemployment to operate efficiently, because without itA.firms will find it difficult to recruit workers, leading to increased wages and prices.B.firms will find it difficult to recruit workers, leading to reduced wages and prices.C.workers will find it difficult to find a job, leading to increased wages and prices.D.workers will find it difficult to find a job, leading to reduced wages and prices.

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[Solved] Assignment 215156
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