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Subject: Business    / Management
QuestionSmart Styles are a hairdressing salon. They are currently open from Tuesday to Saturday, with extended hours onThursday nights. Weekdays are often quiet but Thursday night and Saturday are always fully booked. The manager is considering offering Friday night or Sunday appointments but is concerned this will further reduce weekday bookings.1. How might following a risk management process help the manager decide about the opening hours?
2. What should be considered as part of researching the context for this risk management process?
3. Define a scope for the risk management process.
4. Create a list of risks associated with extending the salon hours.
a) Describe the technique you used to identify these risks.
b) Explain how other staff members were included in the risk identification process and why.
c) Evaluate each of these risks, including the impact of the risk, the likelihood, and the overall risk level.
d) Identify appropriate treatment options for each risk.
e) Describe your reasons for choosing these treatment options.
5. Write a report for the salon owner which includes:
a) a description of the risk management process
b) an implementation plan for the risk treatment options, including an assessment of
resources required, proposed timelines, and monitoring methods
c) a communication plan for the risk management process.

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[Solved] Assignment 216372
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