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QuestionWeek 11 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Putting it into practice” Please respond to the following:Specify two (2) concepts learned from Physician’s Practice Management that you think would be the most important for the success of a physician practice. Support your rationale.In your opinion, determine the most What is challenging aspect of a physician’s role as the administrator of a group practice? Justify your response.Week 10 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Legal Risks and Operational Benchmarking” Please respond to the following:Use Internet and / or Strayer Learning Resource Center to research articles (no older than five [5] years) on using technology to prevent medical malpractices. Next, discuss the overall manner in which using technology can help prevent malpractices. Speculate on the most damaging consequences of a malpractice case on a physician practice. Support your rationale.2.Imagine that you are the manager of a multi-specialty medical practice that is opening a new office and that you are involved in planning the layout and design of the new office. Determine three (3) functional areas that you think should be given priority with regard to the amount of space needed for efficient operations and patient flow in the new office. Justify your response.3.Proper record keeping is essential in preventing malpractice cases for physicians and health care institutions. With the advent of electronic medical records, it should be so much easier now to have better patient records. What are your thoughts on this? How does that relate to malpractice issues practices may possibly face?Week 9 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Designing and Implementing an Effective Compliance Plan” Please respond to the following:The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has established a set of guidelines (e.g., auditing, monitoring, internal controls, sampling, due diligence, and standards of organizational and employee behavior, etc. Page 508 of the textbook) that physician practices should follow when creating a compliance plan. State an opinion as to which OIG guideline would be the single most significant aspect of a compliance plan for a small practice. Provide a rationale for your response.2. According the text, the fundamental purpose of a compliance plan is to create an organizational culture that promotes the prevention, identification, and resolution of issues associated with risk. Suggest two (2) main aspects of a management strategy necessary to create this type of culture. Support your recommendations with at least one (1) real-world example.3. In your own words, please explain what we mean by an organizational compliance plan and what effect it can have on the overall management of a practice?Week 8 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Applying Labor and Employment Laws to Medical Practices” Please respond to the following:Employers sometimes violate employment laws because they lack knowledge and understanding of how these laws apply to their workplace. Determine two (2) major employment laws which a practice manager could unintentionally violate. Next, recommend the main steps that the manager should take to avoid the risk of breaking those laws.2. According to the text, there are three (3) basic models of physician compensation. Compare and contrast compensation major compensation models i.e. Individualistic, Team-Oriented, and Middle-Ground and suggest which model would be most effective in creating a pay structure that would attract and retain physicians who would make the practice successful. Justify your recommendation.3. It has been stated that sometimes employers violate laws due to lack of knowledge, do you think that is a worthwhile argument? Can that hold up in a legal case as a reason?Week 7 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Legal Liability in Medical Practice Management” Please respond to the following:According, to the text, physicians can be held professionally liable for issues surrounding their relationships with patients, staff, and other providers. Select two (2) areas of professional liability that you think pose the most serious legal threat for a physician in a medical practice. Provide a rationale for your selection.2. Compare, and contrast the main requirements of the Stark Law and the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute. Next, analyze the main reasons why it is important for practice administrators to understand how these laws affect the operations of the medical practice. Support analysis with at least one (1) real-world example.Week 6 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Improving Practice Management through Information Technology” Please respond to the following:Imagine you are responsible for purchasing a new health information or practice management system for a medical practice. Prioritize three (3) system functions or capabilities that would be most important to when making this purchase. Support your decision.Assess the process of benchmarking as a function of practice management. Suggest one financial and one (1) operational benchmark that a practice manager could use to improve business outcomes and the quality of patient care. Support your recommendations with at least one (1) real-world example.Week 5 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Financial Planning for Medical Group Practices Please respond to the following:Analyze the fundamental financial and budgeting responsibilities of a group practice manager. Suggest the most important competency that a practice manager must demonstrate in order to effectively manage the practice’s financial accounts. Support your rationale.2.Compare and contrast the main different types of budgets that practice managers use. As a practice manager, determine two types of budgets that you think would be most effective for managing the practice’s income and expenses. Justify your response.3. In addition to the above question, please name 3 criteria you would use and explain why in at least 2 paragraphs, when hiring a manager for a health care practice that you ownWeek 4 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Medical Group Practices and Public Health” Please respond to the following:Imagine a life-threatening event or a natural disaster in your community such as a severe weather event, terrorist attack, or other type of public health emergency. Propose an overall strategy that medical providers and public health agencies should include in the response plan that combines the efforts of both groups. Determine how these groups could work collaboratively to effectively manage this emergency.2. Compare, and contrast the model for an accountable care organization to another group practice model. State your opinion as to which model you think is more effective at reducing the cost of healthcare services while improving the quality of care. Justify your decision.Week 3 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Aspects of Human Resources Management and Marketing Strategies” Please respond to the following:Appraise the key functions of Human Resources Management (HRM) and state your opinion as to whether or not HRM should be part of the strategic planning process for medical group practices. Support your rationale with specific examples.2. Evaluate the importance of effective marketing for medical practices. Recommend three specific factors that a practice administrator should consider when creating a marketing plan for a medical group practice. Justify recommendations.Week 2 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Challenges for Group Practice Administrators and Recruitment Strategy for Practice Managers”Predict two (2) external and / or internal challenges facing today’s medical group practice administrators. Compose a strategy to manage the challenges in question. Justify your response.Imagine that you work for a medium-sized healthcare organization and the organization is hiring a medical practice manager. Determine three areas of competency that you think are most important to effectively manage a medical group practice. Next, suggest a recruitment strategy that includes the method you would use to advertise the position and the information you would include in the job posting to attract qualified candidates. Justify your response.Week 1 Discussion HSA 546: Physician’s Practice Management: “Group Medical Practices in the U.S.According to the textbook, a comparison of several countries with different levels of income shows that quality of healthcare and life expectancy among these nations are similar. However, the cost of care in the U.S. is the highest among the nations in the comparison. Analyze the main specific factors that affect the cost of healthcare services in the U.S. and recommend one (1) way that physician practices can help reduce the overall cost of healthcare services in the U.S. Provide a rationale for your response.2. Assess the key different types of physician practices and evaluate three (3) administrative challenges that practice administrators face in providing quality services to the communities they serve. Support your analysis with specific examples.

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[Solved] Assignment 217831
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