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QuestionWeek 6: Dermatologic and Musculoskeletal Disorders – Discussion PartOneThis week’s graded topics relate to the following Course Outcomes (COs).1 Analyze pathophysiologic mechanisms associated with selected disease states. (PO 1)2 Differentiate the epidemiology, etiology, developmental considerations, pathogenesis, and clinical and laboratory manifestations of specific disease processes. (PO 1)3 Examine the way in which homeostatic, adaptive, and compensatory physiological mechanisms can be supported and/or altered through specific therapeutic interventions. (PO 1, 7)4 Distinguish risk factors associated with selected disease states. (PO 1)5 Describe outcomes of disruptive or alterations in specific physiologic processes. (PO 1)6 Distinguish risk factors associated with selected disease states. (PO 1)7 Explore age-specific and developmental alterations in physiologic and disease statesYou are contacted by an attorney representing a client who has been charged with child abuse and whom faces loss of her child and 15 years in prison. The record indicated that the child was 4 years old and presented to the ER room with a broken arm and a broken leg There also appeared to be multiple previous fractures. Now, you examine the child and find blue sclera, a sunken chest wall, severe scoliosis, and you observe a triangular face and prominent forehead. You confirm that there have been multiple previous fractures by evaluating the previous X-rays. This is a genetic disorder.• What is the most likely genetic disease that this presents and why?• What is the molecular basis of this disease?• Before, calling the police what should the initial clinician have done?

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[Solved] Assignment 217871
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