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Subject: Business    / Management
QuestionAssume that you are the owner of CDA Elevators a Large Regional Elevator Company that constructs and repairs elevators for new and existing construction. Assume further that you are trying to decide if you want to extend your business by adding an e-business component.Create a graphic organizer depicting the decision-making steps—intelligence, design, and choice —include the information that you will need and the source of that information; and how these steps will affect the internal and external decision makers.*NOTE: graphic organizer examples may be found on the internet.1. For their maintenance and repair division, CDA Elevator’s goal was to not be noticed. That is, the company wanted its elevators to work all the time. They wanted to anticipate when any elevator needed repair and to get the right person, with the right parts and knowledge, to fix any elevator that has, or may have, a problem. In one page, describe how the company could accomplish this objective by applying the technology introduced by new information technology process. For each technology application, describe how it will be used to help achieve the objective.2. Select a software package to which you have access that incorporates an intelligent agent. In two-to-three paragraphs, describe the actions of the intelligent agent and how these actions assist in the use of this package.3. Consider the different organizations you may deal with each day. Within each of those organizations, information must flow between the employees, management, and other internal and external stakeholders. Describe one organization you commonly interact with and the model of information flow that you observe. How is it different from other organization’s information flow dynamics? Do you think it is more or less effective? Provide rationale to support your thoughts in one-to-two pages.

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[Solved] Assignment 217873
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