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QuestionModule 8 final examQuestion 1 (1 point) Question 1 UnsavedWhat protocol should be used when transferring confidential data in a Web application?Question 1 options:HTTPSMTPFTPHTTPSSaveQuestion 2 (1 point) Question 2 UnsavedAn online merchant that experiences a security breach and found not to be in compliance with PCI DSS can:Question 2 options:all of the above.suffer monetary loss.lose their reputation.have lawsuits directed against them.SaveQuestion 3 (1 point) Question 3 UnsavedWhat does XSS exploit in a Web application?Question 3 options:Buffer overflowsInvalidated user inputMisconfigured serversWeak accountabilitySaveQuestion 4 (1 point) Question 4 UnsavedWhat is the first step when performing a Web site security assessment?Question 4 options:Identify the components that make up the Web site.Perform penetration testing to discover vulnerabilities.Test forms for input validation.Attempt to escalate privileges on the Web site.SaveQuestion 5 (1 point) Question 5 UnsavedWhen using an endpoint device, for which type of communication do you need to install software to encrypt communications?Question 5 options:E-mailCellular voiceInternet browsingInstant messaging/chatSaveQuestion 6 (1 point) Question 6 UnsavedAn extension of SMS that allows a user to send and receive multimedia is called __________.Question 6 options:VMSLMSBMSMMSSaveQuestion 7 (1 point) Question 7 UnsavedWhich Web technology allows a Web application’s logged-on users to use the application continuously without having to log in each time a page is refreshed?Question 7 options:Session managementHTTP managementElevation of privilegesFault toleranceSaveQuestion 8 (1 point) Question 8 UnsavedThe central router or switching device for handling telephone traffic is referred to as __________.Question 8 options:PBXTSXTRXPTXSaveQuestion 9 (1 point) Question 9 UnsavedWhich of the following merchant levels must scan the networks at least quarterly to be in compliance with PCI DSS?Question 9 options:Level 3 (20,000 to 1 million transactions a year)Level 2 (1 million to 6 million transactions a year)All merchants, no matter the size, must scan at least quarterlyLevel 1 (more than 6 million transactions a year)SaveQuestion 10 (1 point) Question 10 UnsavedWhich of the following is not considered a best practice for improving the security of a mobile device?Question 10 options:Install or enable a firewall.Ensure the browser supports SSL.Install or enable anti-malware functionality.Disable the encryption feature.SavePrevious PageNext PageQuestion 11 (1 point) Question 11 UnsavedWhich of the following can help you pinpoint problems with an e-commerce site?Question 11 options:All of the aboveVisitor pathsShopping cart abandonment statisticsBounce rateSaveQuestion 12 (1 point) Question 12 UnsavedAn e-commerce Web site that processes credit cards must comply with:Question 12 options:PCI DSSHIPAAFederal regulationsWorld Wide Web consortium standardsSaveQuestion 13 (1 point) Question 13 UnsavedYou are designing a Web site that showcases and sells fine jewelry. Which of the following will be the most useful to your visitors?Question 13 options:A call to actionA link to the About Us tabClear imagesA benefits statementSaveQuestion 14 (1 point) Question 14 UnsavedWhat is a markup language that uses code for formatting a Web site within a text file?Question 14 options:SSLHTTPTCP/IPHTMLSaveQuestion 15 (1 point) Question 15 UnsavedAfter deploying a Web site application in a production environment, which of the following requires the quickest response time by developers?Question 15 options:Responding to a security breachResponding to user feedback regarding a usability suggestionEnhancing featuresResponding to intermittent error messages about a resource limitationSaveQuestion 16 (1 point) Question 16 UnsavedConsider a person who logs into a Web site with a username and password. Which process allows the user access based upon correct credentials?Question 16 options:AuthorizationAuthenticationAccountabilityAuditingSaveQuestion 17 (1 point) Question 17 UnsavedWhat is the secure version of Hypertext Transfer Protocol?Question 17 options:SFTPHTTPSSSHE-HTTPSaveQuestion 18 (1 point) Question 18 UnsavedWhich of the following is not an example of store-and-forward communication?Question 18 options:Voice mailA message on FacebookPresence/availabilityE-mailSaveQuestion 19 (1 point) Question 19 UnsavedWhat is generally not a best practice for implementing VoIP?Question 19 options:Patch systems and keep antivirus software up to date.Use VLANs to protect and prioritize VoIP traffic.Do not use VPNs.Segregate traffic from data network.SaveQuestion 20 (1 point) Question 20 UnsavedWhich of the following is a best practice for performing a security assessment and vulnerability scan?Question 20 options:Ensuring that system administrators are unaware of the planned attacks.Using multiple tools for the same function.Hiring a black-hat hacker to perform the planned attacks.Ignoring authenticated testing and relying on non-authenticated scans.Question 21 (1 point) Question 21 UnsavedWhich of the following techniques is recommended for VoIP traffic to avoid attacks on the data network?Question 21 options:Use an IDS.Purchase a different domain name for the IP address use.Use VLANs.Disallow network traffic from the firewall.SaveQuestion 22 (1 point) Question 22 UnsavedWhich phase of a Web security assessment involves conducting fingerprinting to help identify the components of the Web site platform?Question 22 options:PenetrationEnumerationReportAttackSaveQuestion 23 (1 point) Question 23 UnsavedWhich of the following statements best describes bounce rate?Question 23 options:The rate of single-page visits to the Web siteThe rate of users who reload the Web pageThe rate of users who have server reset timeoutsThe rate of users who have experienced an error messageSaveQuestion 24 (1 point) Question 24 UnsavedDuring which aspect of a multimedia connection does SIP discover and detect the user to be reached?Question 24 options:User capabilitiesUser locationUser availabilitySession setupSaveQuestion 25 (1 point) Question 25 UnsavedWhich of the following is not one of the twelve requirements for PCI DSS compliance?Question 25 options:Regularly test security systems and processes.Maintain a policy that addresses security for employees and contractors.Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data.Never store any of the cardholder’s information in a database or other storage mechanism.SaveQuestion 26 (1 point) Question 26 UnsavedYour company is preparing to launch an SQL database with a custom front-end interface. You are working with the development team on protection strategies. Of the following, which is the best choice for protecting your new SQL database and its contents?Question 26 options:Allow only administrative accounts to access the database.Duplicate data within the database for redundancy purposes.Use input validation.Use many different and detailed error messages so that users can be exact when reporting problems to tech support.SaveQuestion 27 (1 point) Question 27 UnsavedHow are dynamic Web applications that accept user input susceptible to insecure coding practices?Question 27 options:Developers can fail to properly validate input on the client side.User data can be authenticated but not validated.Encrypted user connections expose programming security holes.Developers can fail to properly validate data on the server side.SaveQuestion 28 (1 point) Question 28 UnsavedConsider a person who logs into a Web site with a username and password. Which process tracks mechanisms used to keep a record of events on the system?Question 28 options:AuthorizationAuditingAccountabilityAuthenticationSaveQuestion 29 (1 point) Question 29 UnsavedWhat is the primary purpose of the headline on a Web page?Question 29 options:To attract visitors’ attention and entice them to keep readingTo tell your visitors what to do on your Web siteTo ensure a higher SEO rankingTo show how your product or service solves an immediate problemSaveQuestion 30 (1 point) Question 30 UnsavedYou suspect that visitors are having difficulties navigating your Web site. Which Web site analytic statistic can help you determine if this is true?Question 30 options:Network performanceShopping cart abandonmentVisitor locationVisitor pathSavePrevious PageNext Page

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[Solved] Assignment 217877
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