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Question(TCO 11) An array is a list of data items that _____.share the same data typeare all integershave different facesthe different flavorsComments:Question 2. Question :(TCO 11) Which statement is true about this array declaration?int [] myArray = {1,4,3,5,6};It declares a 5 dimensional array.The size of the array is five.It sets the element myArray[1] to 1.It won’t compile due to a syntax error.Comments:Question 3. Question :(TCO 11) What will be the output of this code?int[] size = {2,3,5,6,4,5};Array.Sort(size);foreach (intval in size)Console.Write(“{0} “, val);2 3 5 6 4 55 4 6 5 3 26 5 5 4 3 22 3 4 5 5 6Comments:Question 4. Question :(TCO 11) When a single array element, such as myArray[2], is passed to a method, the method receives _____.a copy of the arraythe starting address of the arraythe address of the elementa copy of the value in the elementComments:Question 5. Question :(TCO 12) The size of a(n) _____ must be determined when the program is written, whereas elements of a(n) _____ can be added or deleted at runtime.array, ArrayListArrayList, arrayarray, Array classArrayList, Array classComments:Question 6. Question :(TCO 12) In your program, myList was declared as an ArrayList. To append the number 7 to the end of myList, write _____.myList.Add(7);myList.Append(7);myList.Insert(7);myList.Set(7);Comments:Question 7. Question :This is a valid statement:decimal [] price = new decimal[5];True FalseComments:Question 8. Question :In the following, we can code height[1,1] in a two-dimensional array that will have valueslike this (this is partial code): height = { {2.1, 3.2, 6.5, 7.2},{5.4, 6.7, 3.5, 3.6} };True FalseComments:Question 9. Question :The following is valid code for a one-dimensional array:int[] size = {2,3,5,6,4,5};True FalseComments:Question 10. Question :ArrayList “Count” property to give the user the current number of integers with a value of ‘1’ in TempArray.True FalseComments:* Times are displayed in (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)

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[Solved] Assignment 217894
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