[Solved] Assignment 217910


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Subject: Business    / Accounting
Question: The following information is from Samsung (www.Sam…The following information is from Samsung (www.Samsung.com or its financial statements in Appendix A), which is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronic products? in millionsCurrent yearPrior yearCash? 16,284,780? 18,791,460Accounts Receivable28,875,93426,674,596Current Assets110,760,27187,269,017Total Assets214,075,018181,071,570Current Liabilities51,315,40946,933,052Shareholders’ equity15,016,010121,480,206Net Sales228,692,667201,103,6131. For each year, compute the percentage (rounded to one decimal) that cash represents of current assets, total assets, current liabilities, and shareholders’ equity. Comment on any trends in these percentages.Required:2. Determine the percentage change (rounded to one decimal) between the current and prior year cash balances.3. Compute the days’ sales uncollected (rounded to one decimal) at the end of both the current year and the prior year. Has the collection of receivables improved? Explain.

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[Solved] Assignment 217910
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