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Subject: Business    / Finance
Question17. Which of the following is a source of cash flows?increase in marketable securitiesincrease in accounts payabledecrease in notes payablerepurchase of stock18.
If you expect to retire in 30 years, live on $50,000 per year and expect the inflation to average 3% over the next 30 years, what amount of annual income will you need to live at the same comfort level in 30 years?$51,500$95,000$20,599$121,36319.
Time-series analysis is often used to ________.evaluate the value of a firm or its assetsassess developing trendsstandardize resultscorrect errors of judgment20.
The present value of an ordinary annuity of $2,350 each year for eight years, assuming an opportunity cost of 11 percent, is ________.$18,800$27,869$12,093$ 1,020

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[Solved] Assignment 217928
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