[Solved] Assignment 217941


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Subject: Business / Accounting
32- which of the following entries records the investment of cash by John, owner of a sole proprietorship?a) debit John, capital, credit cashb) debit cash, credit John , withdrawalsc) debit John, Withdrawals, credit cashd) debit cash, credit John, capital
33-the entry to record Tom’s payments of a home telephone bill is:a) debit telephone expenses; credit account payableb) debit Tom’s withdrawals; credit cashc) debit Telephone expenses; credit cashd) debits Tom’s withdrawals, credit account payable
34- extreme home bought painting equipment on account for $2100. The entry would include:a) debit to supplies expenses,$ 2100, credit to cash $2100b) debit to equipment $2100 credit to cash $2100c) debit to equipment $2100, credit to accounts payable 00c) debit to supplies expenses $2100 credit to accounts payable $210

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[Solved] Assignment 217941
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