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Questiondiscussion question.As you view the following video, think about the scope of the disasters – they are far beyond the individual just littering. Therefore, as you review the images and stories contained in the video, think about the reading and the laws that are discussed, and how they may impact the company, environment, and business practices in general.You are a business owner who is environmentally aware, and thus you use the local river to help generate some electricity for your small business. You are doing well using this method of energy generation, but you begin to notice that over time the river seems to be flowing more slowly, and that is causing you to have sporadic losses of power. Upon inspection, you notice the river does seem a bit slower, seem to have more debris in it, and now has a funny smell. What are some legal concepts you will need to know to understand your rights? You want to do something, but are not sure what. Then, you remember your business law textbook. What are some of the legal issues and concepts you will need to know to mount a legal fight? Be sure to support your response.
Top 10 Man-Made Disasters (6:31)https://blackboard.strayer.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-20949490-dt-content-rid-108131347_4/institution/LEG/100/1158/Week10/Week%2010%20Discussion%201.html

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[Solved] Assignment 218678
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