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Subject: Business    / General Business
QuestionStudents will write an essay of 750-1000 words or 3 pages (not including title and reference pages) in which you analyze and synthesize psychological concepts applying them to your speculations concerning your career and your future life. In the essay, you will need to clearly identify your career and why you have chosen it and then explain how what you have learned in psychology will enhance your career choice.My career is criminal justice To begin:The only sources are your textbook, and the following link which provides information on a variety of careers: .onetonline.org/find/”>https://www.onetonline.org/find/You will select FOUR PSYCHOLOGY concepts/topics from at least two different chapters to focus on in your paper.You must use in-text citations and reference the appropriate chaptersIdentify and define each relevant concept.Explain why the psychological concepts are relevant to your career choice.Provide examples of how the concepts relate, not just simply stating they are important or relevant.In APA

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[Solved] Assignment 218914
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