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Subject: Mathematics    / Statistics
QuestionProblem # 3: Supply Chain Management Discussion Questionsa)What are the objectives of a supply-chain management?b)What is the difference between postponement and channel assembly?c)What is the difference between postponement and channel assembly?d)Describe some ramifications of the bullwhip effect? What is the primary solution to the bullwhip effect?Problem # 4DAT, Inc. produces digital audiotapes to be used in the consumer audio division. DAT lacks sufficient personnel in its inventory supply section to closely control each item stocked, so it has asked you to determine an ABC classification. Here is a sample from the inventory records:Item Average Monthly Demand Price per unit1 700 $62 200 $43 2,000 $124 1,100 $205 4,000 $216 100 $107 3,000 $28 2,500 $19 500 $1010 1,000 $2Develop and ABC classification for these 10 items.Problem # 5Color View is a manufacturer of monitors for personal computers. Color View’s newest monitor is X-435 model. The company expects sales of this model to run at the rate of 6,000 per year for a while. The facilities for producing this model are shared with several other models. While these production facilities are devoted to the X-435 model, the production rate is 2,000 monitors per month. The cost each time the facilities are set up for production run for this model is $7,500. The annual cost of holding each of these monitors in inventory is estimated to be $120.a)Determine the economic production lot size.b)Find the corresponding annual setup cost, annual holding cost and total variable inventory cost per year.c)How long each production run last and how frequently should they occur? (Give your answer in month).d)What is the maximum inventory level? Why is this less than the production lot size?

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[Solved] Assignment 218917
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