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Subject: Business    / Management
QuestionQUESTION 1Which type of life insurance accrues a cash value over time???a. Permanentb. Termc. Variabled. Split dollarQUESTION 2Which of the following is not an example of a rating error in performance management???a. Forced rankingb. Halo effectc. central tendencyd. Contrast effectQUESTION 3True or False: The performance management process has little impact on training in organizations.???True ?False ????QUESTION 4According to Bokhour and colleagues (2006), which of the following is not true about physician attitudes toward pay-for-quality performance programs???a. Physicians are concerned that some quality measures are outside their scope of control.b. Physicians are more motivated by productivity-oriented incentives than by quality-oriented incentives.?c. Physicians believe that recorded data are often inaccurate.d. The method of reward distribution affects the reward’s power to motivate change.QUESTION 5A health system is building a new service line and must recruit applicants with a specialized and scarce skill set. Which compensation strategy would be most appropriate for this health system to ensure competent staffing of this service line???a. A second-quartile compensation strategy?b. A third-quartile compensation strategyc. A first-quartile compensation strategy?d. Either a first- or second-quartile compensation strategy?QUESTION 6The closed shop describes a situation in which??a. no employee is required to join a union as a condition of employmentb. an employee is required to join a union after starting work?c. an employer is permitted to hire only union members?d. it is illegal for nonemployees to enter a place of employmentQUESTION 7All of the following are putting pressure on healthcare organizations to lower costs exceptmanaged care?b. employees?c. healthcare management faculty?d. government insurance programs?e. All are putting pressure on healthcare organizations to lower costs????QUESTION 8Which of the following are covered by ERISA???a. Nongovernmental agencies?b. Federal agencies?c. State agencies?d. Both b and c?e. All of the above????QUESTION 9Increasing healthcare costs do all of the following to the US economy except??increase productivity and morale?stifle economic growth?
increase tension between employers and employees
fuel strike actionsQUESTION 10Point systems of job evaluation focus exclusively on the age and experience of the person holding the job.???True?False ????QUESTION 11Which type of retirement plan allows employees to contribute to their own retirement???Nonqualified retirement plan?b. Defined contribution plan?c. Defined benefit pland. tax – deferred plane. Non- taxable planQUESTION 12True or False: “Disaster plan” is another term for “disaster planning.”???True?False ????QUESTION 13Which of the following disaster levels characterizes a catastrophic event???A. Level 1B. Level IIC. Level IIID. Level IVQUESTION 14A sudden surge in demand for hospital services is most likely to result from which of the following???a. A hazardous material spill on a local country road?b. A drought?c. A school bus accident?d. An electricity blackout????QUESTION 15True or False: Burnout in certain industries leads to an increased demand for a better work-life balance.???True?False ????QUESTION 16A disaster operations plan should include all of the following except??a. cancellation of employee vacation time?b. communications?c. recovery and restoration?d. property protection????QUESTION 17True or False: Six Sigma emphasizes the use of anecdotal analysis.???True ?False ????0.5 pointsQUESTION 18True or False: Intrinsic rewards are tangible and include salary, benefits, and time off.???True?False ????0.5 pointsQUESTION 19Which physician practice model is most closely related to the combination of physician shortages, growth in the number of partially retired physicians, lifestyle considerations, and the increased number of female physicians???a. Solo practice physicians?b. Physician managers?c. Locum Tenens physicians?d. General practitioners as the only physicians in small rural communities????QUESTION 20True or False: According to the World Health Organization, adapting a existing facility to improve its chances for survival is more expensive than building a new facility.???True?False ????QUESTION 21During a strike??a. it is illegal for employees to hold union meetings?b. it is illegal for management to hire replacement workers?c. it is illegal for management or labor to change their bargaining position?d. it is legal for employers to hire replacement workers????QUESTION 22Which of the following is not considered a mandatory employment benefit???a. Unemployment compensation?b. Sick leave?c. Social Security?d. Worker’s compensation????QUESTION 23The management of a health center has decided to implement a compensation system that rewards employees when the organization achieves improvements in efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. Which of the following best fits this approach to compensation???a. Profit-sharing plans?b. Gain-sharing plans?c. Piece-rate incentives?d. A bonus system paid out annually????0.5 pointsQUESTION 24RsQ_022Which of the following is a potential outcome of physician practice under a capitation arrangement???a. Physicians will provide too many diagnostic tests.?b. Physicians will provide too many unnecessary procedures.?c. Physicians will provide too few diagnostic tests.?d. Both a and b?e. All of the above????QUESTION 25True or False: Mutual patient referrals benefit US health systems because foreign healthcare institutions refer patients to the United States and vice versa.???True ?False ????QUESTION 26Broadbanding enables??a. managers to pay employees on the basis of employee characteristics and performanceb. greater decentralization of decisions about salaries?c. managers to more easily change an individual’s compensation?d. all of the above?QUESTION 27True or False: A disaster may have no physical effect on a hospital but still limit the hospital’s ability to operate.???True ?False ????QUESTION 28In job evaluation, a benchmark job is??A. a well-understood job that requires relatively stable knowledge, skills, and abilitiesB. a relatively new job in an organization for which the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities are not entirely clearC. any job in an organization that can form the basis for ranking other jobsD. a job that no longer exists in an organization but that can be used to evaluate the value of other jobsE. None of the above?QUESTION 29A hospital that has planned for alternative sources of power and water in the event of a disaster is participating in??a. business continuity planningb. a simulation of a disasterc. a FEMA requirementd. a legal requirement of the city or county governmente. none of the aboveQUESTION 30The most effective way to prevent unionization is to screen out potential union organizers during the hiring process.???True?False ????QUESTION 31The percentage of employers providing benefits for domestic partners in 2005 was??13 percent?15 percent?
19 percent
none of the aboveQUESTION 32True or False: Because of a shortage of inspectors, OSHA reviews organizations only after an incident has occurred.???True ?False ????QUESTION 33Which of the following is the Internet-based system through which managers can access employee records for administrative purposes and employees can change personal information or benefit elections???a. Employee benefit hotline?b. HR self-service?c. HR kiosk center?d. HR office lobby computer????QUESTION 34True or False: According to equity theory, an operating room nurse is likely to compare himself to operating room nurses in the same hospital.???True ?False ????QUESTION 35The primary purpose of the Taft-Hartley Act was to protect employees from abusive employers.???True?False ????QUESTION 36Which of the following is most likely to be a sign of workers’ desire to unionize???a. Absenteeism?b. Increasing benefits offered to employees?c. Poor economic conditions?d. Hiring managers from within the organization????QUESTION 37In conducting job hazard analysis, jobs with the potential to cause severe or disabling injuries??a. should not receive high priority if there is no history of previous accidentsb. should receive high priority even if there is no history of previous accidentsc. should receive high priority after a period of study to determine how many accidents occurd.should receive high priority only if the workers doing the job are unskilled workers???QUESTION 38On a five-point rating form, a manager is asked to respond to the following question: “How flexible is this person?” This question is likely part of which type of performance management process???a. Management by objectives?b. Graphic rating scale?c. anchored rating scale?d. Forced Ranking?e. None of the above????QUESTION 39Which of the following is not a characteristic of management by objectives???a. It establishes specific and measurable goals.?b. It involves setting goals with employee input.?c. It is an opportunity to provide objective feedback to employees.?d. The method is robust and equally applicable to all types of jobs.????QUESTION 40Which category(ies) of retirement plan allow(s) employees to access the balance in their accounts???a. Defined contribution only?b. Hybrid only?c. Defined contribution and hybrid?d. None of the above????QUESTION 41The National Labor Relations Act??a. is the legal framework for labor relations in the United States?b. allows public hospital employees to unionize?c. gave states the right to enact right-to-work laws?d. explicitly made unionization illegal?e. None of the above????QUESTION 42The Social Security Act of 1934 provided American citizens with??a. social welfare benefits?b. sick leave pools and paid time off?c. retirement income protection?d. health insurance????QUESTION 43The most predictable change in the demographics of US citizens is??a. disease incidence among the population?b. aging among the population?c. education level among the population?d. specialization among the population????QUESTION 44True or False: Periodic performance appraisals should never be used to make personnel decisions.???True ?False ????QUESTION 45The 1974 Health Care Amendments?A. made it illegal for healthcare employees to strikeB. made it legal for employers to fire employees who are union organizersC. made it illegal for healthcare employees to picket in front of healthcare organizationsD. extended union representation rights to healthcare workersE. ?All of the aboveQUESTION 46True or False: Surge capability is likely to be more of a concern for a hospital after a hurricane.???True?False ????QUESTION 47Total compensation is the value of the employee’s base salary less the value of the benefits package.???True?False ????QUESTION 48Subordinate appraisal is most useful for??a. evaluating the quality of performance data?b. learning about how peers perceive one’s performance?c. organizations in which there aren’t many managers?d. identifying managers’ blind spots????QUESTION 49A hospital safety program may be evaluated by which of the following measures???a. Improvement in morale?b. Growth in productivity?c. Reduced levels of absenteeism?d. All of the above?QUESTION 50True or False: Because employee performance is so important to organizations, senior management consistently supports performance management procedures.???True?False

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[Solved] Assignment 218924
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