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Subject: Business    / Accounting
QuestionFlexible Overhead BudgetCarson Wood Products Company prepared the following factory overhead cost budget for the Press Department for April 2014, during which it expected to require 16,000 hours of productive capacity in the department:
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Variable overhead cost:
Indirect factory labor    $123,200
Power and light    7,520
Indirect materials    36,800
Total variable cost    $167,520
Fixed overhead cost:
Supervisory salaries    $58,630
Depreciation of plant and equipment    36,850
Insurance and property taxes    23,450
Total fixed cost    118,930
Total factory overhead cost    $286,450.364px;=”” collapse;=”” 12px=””>
HideAssuming that the estimated costs for May are the same as for April, prepare a flexible factory overhead cost budget for the Press Department for May for 14,000, 16,000, and 18,000 hours of production. Round your interim computations to the nearest cent, if required. Enter all amounts as positive numbers.Carson Wood Products Company
Factory Overhead Cost Budget-Press Department
For the Month Ended May 31, 2014
Direct labor hours14,00016,00018,000
Variable overhead cost:Indirect factory labor$$$
Power and lightIndirect materialsTotal variable factory overhead$$$
Fixed factory overhead cost:Supervisory salaries$$$
Depreciation of plant and equipmentInsurance and property taxesTotal fixed factory overhead$$$
Total factory overhead$$$

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[Solved] Assignment 218935
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