[Solved] Assignment 218939


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Subject: Business    / Management
QuestionThe paper is based on the topics covered on the first 6 chapters of the book “The Role of Transportation in Supply Chain Hazen, J. Kenneth & Lynch, F. Clifford”. You may pick any topic of the book such as regulation/deregulation of the industry, or a mode of transportation and its impact on the supply chain, even a mode of transportation and it advantages and disadvantages. The approach of the paper should be from a business logistics/supply chain using a managerial perspective. Based on material already covered in class, identify the topic/issue, provide a resolution/approach, examine the literature, give examples, and provide a conclusion. Please provide appropriate sources to back-up your work. Peer-reviewed articles from the library, Government websites, and GAO reports should be used when looking for sources.This 1500 word paper should be in APA format. For example you should have a title page and reference page, also include an Abstract page, Introduction, Literature Review, Conclusion and any other section appropriate to your paper such as Methodology and Results. The paper will be graded on contents, grammar, and format.

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[Solved] Assignment 218939
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