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Subject: Business    / Management
QuestionAssignment 4: Employee ProgramConduct a research project to identify three (3) companies that offer coaching, performance management, and employee wellness programs. Use the browser of your choice to identify sites that will provide resources; you may consider focusing on larger, more well-known organizations. Review the information on Websites until you are able to ascertain to what extent the organizations offer their employees these support services. Choose similar companies (for instance, three (3) manufacturing, three (3) sales, or three (3) service-oriented companies so comparisons can be noted) to determine the breadth and depth of their programs.Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:Describe briefly the three (3) companies’ coaching, performance management, and employee wellness programs.
Compare the three (3) companies’ programs within a table format.
Explain how these types of programs may enhance employee retention and productivity.
Recommend additions or modifications to the organizations, if necessary.

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[Solved] Assignment 218958
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