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Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
Which of the following best describes the effect the expansion of a governor’s ability to appoint and remove agency heads would have on executive authority?A.
It would increase executive authority.B.
It would diminish executive authority.C.
It would have a negative effect on executive authority.D.
It would have little to no effect.2 pointsQuestion 3
The governor has a major effect on state policy through his or her _____.A.
ability to control the courtsB.
domination of the budget processC.
appointment of the attorney generalD.
power to make approximately 3,000 appointments to boards and commissions2 pointsQuestion 4
The style of ballot form in which candidates are listed by office with party affiliation listed by their name is known as theA.
party line format.B.
straight party ticket.C.
party column format.D.
office block format.2 pointsQuestion 5
administering the state’s tax system, and acting as its treasurer is the job of the Texas:A.
Attorney GeneralB.
Comptroller of Public AccountsC.
Land CommissionerD.
Secretary of State2 pointsQuestion 6
Which of the following informal qualifications for governor is nearly universal in Texas?A.
fraternal membershipB.
military serviceC.
holding a law degreeD.
having previously held elected office2 pointsQuestion 7
How does Texas compare to the rest of the country in terms of percentage of eligible voters who actually vote?A.
about averageB.
well above averageC.
below averageD.
a bit above average2 pointsQuestion 8
Today in Texas, what are the two main factions in the Republican Party?A.
business value conservatives and social value conservativesB.
social value conservatives and business value progressivesC.
business value progressives and business value conservativesD.
social value conservatives and evangelical conservatives2 pointsQuestion 9
The newest element of capital-intensive politics is the use of ________ to communicate directly with likely voters.A.
Social MediaC.
autodialing apps with prerecorded messagesD.
The Internet2 pointsQuestion 10
the term “plural executive” refers to the fact that in TexasA.
the governor must share power with the lieutenant governorB.
most top executive officials are electedC.
the governor appoints most all executive officersD.
there are two state budgets prepared2 pointsQuestion 11
the executive responsible for the inspection and accuracy of gas pumps in the state is:A.
Agricultural CommissionerB.
Secretary of StateC.
Attorney GeneralD.
Land Commissioner2 pointsQuestion 12
rendering opinions on law and serving as the state’s representative in civil cases is theA.
Texas Comptroller of Public AccountsB.
Texas Secretary of StateC.
Texas State Bar AssociationD.
Texas Attorney General2 pointsQuestion 13
unlike the President, the Texas governor may influence state spending by use of theirline-item vetoexecutive budgetappointment powerspowers of personal persuasion2 pointsQuestion 14
What is the voter participation measure used most often by political scientists?A.
percentage of registered votersB.
percentage of voting-age populationC.
percentage of voting-age U.S. citizen populationD.
percentage of voting-eligible population2 pointsQuestion 15
What is the impact of Texas political culture on political participation?A.
It discourages political participation.B.
It strongly encourages political participation.C.
It moderately encourages political participation.
It has no significant effect on political participation.2 pointsQuestion 16
What is the most important function of the precinct convention?A.
nominating local delegates to the Electoral CollegeB.
election of permanent officersC.
selection of candidates for local officesD.
selection of delegates to the county convention2 pointsQuestion 17
Why is the Texas governor’s power exceptionally weak as compared to that of the governors of some other states?A.
lack of a line-item veto
plural executive systemC.
inability to appoint any administrative headsD.
tenure limits2 pointsQuestion 18
What is the lowest level of the permanent party organization in Texas?A.
county chairB.
precinct chairC.
district chairD.
ward chair2 pointsQuestion 19
Which third party emphasizes the importance of small government and personal responsibility?A.
Natural Law PartyB.
Reform PartyC.
Green PartyD.
Libertarian Party2 pointsQuestion 20
what is currently the Texas Railroad Commission’s primary function?A.
safety oversight for rail, trucking, and river trafficB.
regulatory authority over terminals, wharves, and heavy industriesC.
regulation of the oil and gas industryD.
promoting rail and trucking while regulating the safety and environmental aspects of the industry2 pointsQuestion 21
________ is the basic belief system that guides the party.A.
Party ideologyB.
Party identificationC.
The party lineD.
The party platform2 pointsQuestion 22
With the growth of the Internet, what has become one of the easiest ways to participate in politics?A.
attending ralliesC.
making financial contributionsD.
signing paper petitions2 pointsQuestion 23
the state official for elections and voter registration is the:
Attorney GeneralB.
Comptroller of Public AccountsC.
Secretary of StateD.
Lieutenant Governor2 pointsQuestion 24
Which group had the lowest turnout rate in Texas in the 2012 presidential election?A.
African AmericanC.
Asian American2 pointsQuestion 25
The state of Texas’s history of restricting access to voting is very much in keeping with itsA.
traditionalistic political culture.B.
states rights political culture.C.
moralistic political culture.D.
individualistic political culture.2 pointsQuestion 26
In most instances, the adoption of articles of impeachment results in
a trial in a judicial court.B.
a statewide recall vote.C.
the removal of an office holder.D.
a trial in the senate.
2 pointsQuestion 27
In Texas, when is a runoff primary required?A.
when the winner of the first primary is disqualifiedB.
when no candidate receives a majority of votesC.
when no candidate receives a plurality of votesD.
when there is only a .02% difference in total votes for the top two candidates2 pointsQuestion 28
What embittered most Texans and left them hostile to the Republican Party following the Civil War?A.
Edmund J. Davis’s governorshipB.
the Emancipation ProclamationC.
Abraham LincolnD.
U.S. military rule from 1866-18692 pointsQuestion 29
The Texas presidential preference primary is held in what month?A.
May2 pointsQuestion 30
Labor-intensive politics historically included all of the following EXCEPTA.
printing election ballots.B.
selecting candidates.C.
organizing campaigns.D.
broadcast advertising.2 pointsQuestion 31
Which of the following elections would typically have a higher voter turnout?A.
local electionB.
primary electionC.
general electionD.
off-year election2 pointsQuestion 32
The expansion of political participation in the southern U.S. states has come about largely because ofA.
suffrage movements of the early twentieth century.B.
federal government intervention.C.
the Fifteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.D.
the civil rights movement.2 pointsQuestion 33
Imagine you are a die-hard member of party A, but wanted the less popular candidate from party B to be party A’s general election opponent. What type of primary election system would allow you to vote for the less popular candidate in party B during the primaries without changing parties?A.
closed primary systemB.
semi-closed primary systemC.
None of these answers is correct.D.
open primary system2 pointsQuestion 34
Ballot eligibility requirements are set byA.
the partiesB.
federal lawC.
the states2 pointsQuestion 35
Which group had the highest turnout rate in Texas in the 2012 presidential election?A.
Asian AmericanD.
African American2 pointsQuestion 36
What is the most common form of political participation?A.
signing a petitionB.
attending a rallyC.
financial contributionsD.
voting2 pointsQuestion 37
Most of the money used in political campaigns comes fromA.
political action committees.B.
political party war chests.C.
individual contributions.D.
federal matching funds.2 pointsQuestion 38
The power of the Texas governor to remove government officials isA.
very weak.B.
moderately strong.C.
moderately weak.D.
very strong.2 pointsQuestion 39
By recommending policy initiatives to state legislators and coordinating with state agencies that administer programs and implement policies, the governor is demonstrating his or her role asA.
crisis manager.B.
intergovernmental coordinator.C.
party leader.D.
chief legislator.2 pointsQuestion 40
Which of the following is NOT among the formal qualifications for the office of governor in Texas?A.
30 years of ageB.
resident of the state for five years
registered voterD.
U.S. citizenship2 pointsQuestion 41
Today the regulation of campaign finances in Texas is limited to the requirement that all candidates and PACs file reports with theA.
U.S Department of JusticeB.
Texas State Ethics CommissionC.
Texas Secretary of StateD.
Texas Election Board2 pointsQuestion 42
if an oil company wants to drill on public land, from who would it secure the drilling lease?A.
Texas Railroad CommissionB.
Agriculture CommissionerC.
Comptroller of Public AccountsD.
Texas Land Commissioner2 pointsQuestion 43
Why was Texas’s 2011 voter ID law rejected by the U.S. Justice Department?A.
because of the authority granted in Section 5 of the Federal Voting Rights ActB.
because of the legacy of restricted access to the ballotC.
because the data Texas provided demonstrated minorities would be adversely affectedD.
because new data generated by the federal government demonstrated minorities would be adversely affected2 pointsQuestion 44
The state party chair is selected byA.
the national party chair.B.
mail-in ballots from all precinct chairs.
the state convention.D.
the state’s top ranking office holder.2 pointsQuestion 45
Why is it very difficult to hold a specific person in Texas government responsible for anything?A.
The state constitution shields all government employees from responsibility for public actions and policies.B.
Most officials usually cite the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution and refuse to say anything that could incriminate them.C.
Government is fragmented and policy responsibility is divided.
The media in Texas do a very poor job at investigating wrongdoing in government.2 pointsQuestion 46
Texas has aA.
blanket primary system.B.
closed primary system.C.
special type of open primary system.D.
semi-closed primary system.2 pointsQuestion 47
In state elections from 2002 to 2012, which sector contributed the most amount of PAC money to campaigns?A.
labor2 pointsQuestion 48
In the process known as ________, the governor must clear his or her appointments with the state senator from the appointee’s home district.A.
political reciprocityB.
the “southern custom”C.
“good politics”D.
senatorial courtesy2 pointsQuestion 49
In Texas, how long prior to an election must you register in order to be eligible to vote?A.
10 daysB.
30 daysC.
15 daysD.
0 days (same day registration)2 pointsQuestion 50
Which of the following helps increase voter turnout in an election?A.
party competitionB.
party competition in a districtC.
all of the aboveD.
closeness of the election

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