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Week SevenLearning Activity 1 Theme One: The design of an effective organization should align strategy, structure, and culture. Designing a culture that facilitates change is critical for the future of a business.After reviewing the material for the week what features to the GDD culture would you add or seek to improve to facilitate the change needed to succeed in serving the client’s 24/7 needs. Hint: look at the GDD Company Profile under the current business philosophy/ innovation for a start.Learning Activity 2 Theme Two:: The importance of change in the 21st century business can never be underestimated by the leader.In the future of business, the impact of technology and globalization is creating a pattern of disruption that forces a leader to direct massive long term change. There is no strategy that a leader creates or a decision implemented that must not account for change.As a leader, effective change begins with an attitude that embraces the idea that change is possible and is dynamic. In short, a leader needs to be open to change before leading others.Take the following change quiz and report your results: Change QuizBased on the results of your quiz select a quote from one of those listed in this article 38 Quotes to Help You Become a Change Agent.If the results show resistance to change select a quote that will inspire you to embrace change,
If you accept change select a quote that can act as a daily reminder that change is vital to your success as a leader.
Explain why you have selected the quote and support your reasons for selecting the quote with the class material.

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[Solved] Assignment 219021
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