[Solved] Assignment 219023


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Subject: Mathematics / Statistics
If x is a binomial random variable with n and p.8, what is the probability that x is equal to 4?.124.994.0063.232.00552According to the central limit theorem, for samples of size 64 drawn from a population with µ = 800 and ? = 56, the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of sample means would equal _______.8007100880Catherine Chao, Director of Marketing Research, is evaluating consumer acceptance of a new toothpaste package. Her staff reports that 17% of a random sample of 200 households prefers the new package to all other package designs. If Catherine concludes that 17% of all households prefer the new package, she is using _______.a point estimatea statistical parametera range estimatean exact estimate

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[Solved] Assignment 219023
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