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Subject: Psychology / General Psychology
1)A ________________ is the particular way in which a person takes in, or absorbs, information.study methodlearning disabilitylearning stylestudy habit2)Educators and others who believe in different ___________________ styles believe that people absorb information in several ways: through the eyes, ears, verbally, and through touch.readingcommunicationwritinglearning3)Students using an action study method might _________________.practice spelling words or repeating facts to be remembereduse different colors of highlighter for different sections of information in text or notesexercise while listening to recordings they have made of important informationuse musical rhythms as memory aids, or put information to a rhyme or a tune4)Students using a verbal study method might ________________.write out or recite key information in whole sentences or phrases in their own wordswalk back and forth as they read study material out loudmake speechesrecord lectures, then take notes on the lectures sparingly, using the recording to fill in parts that they might have missedScore: 25)Which of the following is a strategy for defeating procrastination?make a map of your long-term goalsprevent your schedule from falling apart at all costssacrificing sleep for the sake of studying is sometimes necessarycut down on uneccessary uses of time—like play time6)Which of the following analogies does your textbook use to explain the importance of studying properly?Like a boat on stormy seas, we need to sail smoothly over textbook material, no matter how difficult it is to navigate.Just as a football coach uses many strategies for getting his team to make a touchdown, the student uses many strategies for remembering textbook material.Just as a steak has to be chewed to be enjoyed and be useful to the body, textbook material has to be “chewed” with the mind.Just as a cowboy ropes in a horse, a student must rope in textbook material one paragraph at a time.7)As Jamal carefully reads his assigned textbook chapter, he builds an outline of the main points and terms in each section in order to really understand and digest what he is reading. Jamal is following the _______________ strategy as defined in the SQ3R method.recitesurveyreadquestion8)For remembering material before an exam, Rosa swears by her favorite mnemonic device, which involves stringing together bits of information in a numerical narrative. This mnemonic device is called _______________.rhythmic organizationthe loci methodthe peg methodlinking9)“Autism is not caused by immunizations” is an example of a(n) ______________ paper thesis.persuasiveassertiveinformativeaggressive10)What is one reason why merely memorizing facts from the textbook is NOT the best approach to studying before an exam?Exam questions are sometimes worded quite differently from the text.The exam questions might trick you, and there is no way to study for those types of questions.The facts in the textbook could be wrong.You probably won’t remember the facts on exam day.11)The question “who built the first psychological laboratory?” is an example of a(n) _______________ question.factualconceptualappliedtrick12)The “Q” in SQ3R stands for _________________.queryquitquestionquoteScore: 213)Some educators and researchers now add a fourth “R” to SQ3R, which is _______________, encouraging students to think critically about what they have read.ReflectReviseRereadRevisit14)The “S” in SQ3R stands for __________________.SampleSightSurveyStudy15)According to the SQ3R method, reciting material you’ve just read out loud ____________________.is another good way to process the information more deeply and completelyquickly makes you forget what you have just readis helpful only when rehearsing your delivery of a speechis the only way to store information in your long-term memory16)The three Rs in SQ3R stand for ________________.read, recite, recallwrite, recite, recallread, reverse, repeatread, rote, reciteScore: 217)Concept ________________ are a visual organization of the key concepts, terms, and definitions in a chapter showing their relationships to other concepts.mapshierarchiesgraphsdiagrams18)__________________ questions on exams are a kind of analysis; not only do you have to understand the concept, you have to understand it well enough to compare and contrast it with other concepts.AppliedConceptualComparisonFactual19)The web site www.apastyle.org is a site where you can find _________________.American Plagiarism Association advice on how to avoid plagiarismAmerican Psychological Association diagnostic categoriesAmerican Psychological Association style guidelines for listing referencesAmerican Professors Association requirements for how to format term papersScore:20)To do your best in college, it is important to make sure you are physically healthy and mentally alert. Which of the following is the best thing you can do for your concentration and memory recall?Study right up until it’s time to go to sleep.Skip lunch, since food will make you sleepy.Eat a breakfast heavy on protein and light on carbohydrates.Get no more than five hours of sleep a night to maximize your study time.

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[Solved] Assignment 219037
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