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Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
QuestionDeVry POLI330 Week 1 Quiz Latest 2016 NovemberQuestion 1. Question :(TCO 1) Aristotle’s view that humans live naturally in herds is most related to what explanation for political power?BiologyPsychologyAnthropologyEconomicsQuestion 2. Question :(TCO 1) Which of the following did Machiavelli contribute to the study of politics?Social contract theoryThe role of power in politicsThe role of wealth in societyThe connection between race and politicsQuestion 3. Question :(TCO 1) The ability of A to get B to do what A wants is known as _____.influencecontrolauthoritypowerQuestion 4. Question :(TCO 1) Which of the following best exemplifies sovereignty?The United States negotiating a trade agreement with CanadaThe people of France acknowledging the authority of their presidentIsrael asserting jurisdiction over the Gaza StripPresident Obama having the support of the people who elected himQuestion 5. Question :(TCO 1) Despite a disputed 2000 presidential election, once President George W. Bush took office, few people doubted his _____.charismacontrollegitimacysovereigntyQuestion 6. Question :(TCO 1) The term for measuring with numbers is _____.quantifyhypothesisqualifyempiricalQuestion 7. Question :(TCO 1) Reason, balance, and theory pertain to which of the following?BalancePowerScholarshipMethodologyQuestion 8. Question :(TCO 1) Descriptions of political phenomena often lack _____.rationalityreasoningtheorybalanceQuestion 9. Question :(TCO 1) The subfield of _____ studies major thinkers and attempts to define the good polity.public administrationcomparative politicspublic policypolitical theoryQuestion 10. Question :(TCO 1) Which are both true for most political scientists?They think practically and seek accuracy.They seek popularity and are skeptical of power.They offer single causes and think abstractly.They are skeptical of power and offer long-term consequences.DeVry POLI330 Week 2 Quiz Latest 2016 NovemberQuestion 1. Question :(TCO 6) Which of the following best characterizes Aristotle?He only explained what is.He only explained what ought to be.He explained both what is and what ought to be.He neither explained what is nor what ought to be.Question 2. Question :(TCO 6) Which of the following is most consistent with the idea of a social contract?Government should be limited to ensure individual freedom.Individuals join and stay in civil society.Citizens prefer solitary lives to living in groups.Citizens are more concerned with their own social situations than the community.Question 3. Question :(TCO 6) Which of the following is most consistent with the concept of the “general will” according to Rousseau?Creating a park for the citizens to enjoyUsing public dollars so that some citizens can attend private schoolsOffering tax breaks to one auto manufacturing plantLow turnout in electionsQuestion 4. Question :(TCO 6) Karl Marx used the term _____ to refer to everything built on top of the economy.the social contractinstitutionsbehavioralismsuperstructureQuestion 5. Question :(TCO 6) Which statement best supports Marxist theories?The United States provides ample opportunities for all who work hard.Similarities exist between economies in both Europe and the United States.Tax breaks will often create jobs, benefiting the working class.Uneven benefits to corporations with few benefits for workers led to the economic crises in the early 2000s.Question 6. Question :(TCO 6) Which of the following best describes classical liberalism and modern conservatism?Classical liberalism is the opposite of modern conservatism.Classical liberalism is similar to modern conservatism.Neither classical liberalism, nor modern conservatism continues to exist.Classical liberalism and modern conservatism were developed by Karl Marx.Question 7. Question :(TCO 6) Thomas Hill Green might agree with which of the following?No one is forced to take a job he or she doesn’t like.Unions are necessary to protect workers against business owners.Taxes should benefit business owners because they allow owners to hire more workers.Markets regulate themselves.Question 8. Question :(TCO 6) Where do modern conservatives diverge from Adam Smith?Adam Smith was resolute in his belief that markets produced fair outcomes, whereas modern conservatives are not.Adam Smith believed government could help regulate market, but modern conservatives do not.Modern conservatives believe government can help regulate markets, but Adam Smith did not.Modern conservatives are resolute in their beliefs that markets are fair, but Adam Smith acknowledged that they could be unfair.Question 9. Question :(TCO 6) How do Libertarians differ from liberals and conservatives?Libertarians are more consistent in their views.Libertarians are less consistent in their views.Libertarians prefer intervention in economic matters only.Libertarians prefer intervention in social matters only.Question 10. Question :(TCO 6) Fascism existed during the 20th century in what country?IrelandItalyIcelandFrance

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[Solved] Assignment 219051
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