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Subject: Business / Finance
You can find the bank holding company performance report from http://www.ffiec.gov/nicpubweb/nicweb/NicHome.aspx.1. Choose a bank holding company. You can choose from Top 50 BHCs or find a bank holding company through “Institution Search”.
NOTE: YOU CANNOT CHOOSE BANK OF AMERICA BECAUSE I WILL USE IT AS AN EXAMPLE.2. Evaluate the performance of a bank holding company of your choice. You can do so by answering, but not limited to, the following questions.a. Description of the bank: location of the headquarter, size of the bank, which size group your BHC belongs, main businesses, competitive advantages, etc.b. Compare your BHC’s percent composition of assets to its peer group (You can find this information on the page 7 of the performance report). What is the biggest asset component of your BHC? How are the composition of the loan and investment compared to the peer group?
c. Compare your BHC’s percent composition of liabilities (You can find this information on the page 8 “Liquidity and Funding”). How is the composition of your BHC’s deposit and borrowed fund compared to its peer group?
d. Compare your BHC’s relative income statement composition to its peer group. How are the income statement components, such as net income and interest expenses, of your BHC compared to its peer group?
e. Look at the performance ratio of your BHC (page 1 of the performance report). Compare the performance and riskiness of your BHC to its peer group by examining whether your BHC has performed better than its peers in recent periods. Look at some of the risk measures to determine whether your bank takes more risk than its peers.3. Submit your analysis in 4~7 pages of writing. You can add the tables and figures.You can find the definitions for the items used in BHC’s performance report in BHC Performance report User Guide.

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[Solved] Assignment 219064
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