[Solved] Assignment 219066


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Subject: Mathematics / Statistics
Linear Regression
The owner wishes to build a model relating revenues to advertising expenditures into three categories TV, newspaper, and direct mail advertising.Regression statisticsMultiple R 0.967R square. 0.94Adjusted R square 0.887Standard Error 0.64Observations. 8ANOVA. df. SS. MS. F. Significance FRegression. 3. 23.85. 7.95. 19.23. 0.0072Residual. 4. 1.65. 0.413Total. 7. 25.5Standard error. t test. F value. Lower 95. Upper 95Coefficients Intercept 73.93. 4.53 16.34. 0.00008. 61.37. 86.5TV. 2.38. 0.32. 7.49. 0.0017. 1.5. 3.27Newspaper. 1.45. 0.356. 4.09. 0.015. 0.467. 2.44Mail. 1.82. 0.2777. 6.57. 0.0028. 1.05. 2.58Which statement below best describes the goodness of fit?A) the data is a good fit because s= 64 meaning 64% of the charge in revenue is explainedB) data is a good fit because F value is 0.0077C) approximately 88% of the change in revenues can be explained by the three independent variables in the modelD) data is a good fit because r= 0.96Which independent variable is the least significant in this regression relationship?A) the number of newspaper oddsB) direct mai advertising because the p value is 0.0028C) direct mail because the t-test is 6.57D) the number of TV ads

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[Solved] Assignment 219066
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