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Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
Rose, a newly hired office worker, was brought on board to busy medical office, to process patient
information. Feeling overwhelmed at the workload, she felt herself falling further behind in her tasks, but was
still determined not to ask for help in order to not appear inept at her job. She decided she needed to
prioritize her tasks, but found herself frustrated at the constant interruptions from other staff members, and
patients assigned to her for processing. While recording information from a particularly curt and agitated
patient, she realized she had documented in the wrong area. She decided to make the corrections after the
patient left in order to give herself some time to cover up the error.
After the patient had been directed to have a seat in the waiting area, she quickly grabbed the White Out and
began to cover over her mistakes. After transferring the information into the correct area, she wrote a
comment next to errors to indicate she was sorry for the mess up, along with a sad face character. Later
during her shift, the nurse manager came storming through the office obviously very angry, and yelling “Who
was the idiot who tried to cover up their mistakes with white out!” Rose, feeling very frightened and
embarrassed at her public chastisement, admitted that it was she who had made the corrections to the
documents using the White Out. The nurse manager then shouted in retaliation, “Don’t you know this is
illegal” Don’t you ever do that again or you’re fired!”
*This assignment must be a MINIMUM of 500 words (Word Count Will Be Checked). It must follow the APA
Format and be double spaced, using Times New Roman 12” Font. It must have a minimum of 1 resource
from a credible source, cited in APA Format. Wikipedia is not a credible source! DO NOT USE IT! Sloppy or
poorly written papers will not meet the requirements of” Superior Work” resulting in an “A” paper as per the
grading rubric in the syllabus.
1. What should Rose have done to prevent the chain of events initially?
Rose could have prevented this chain of events by simply asking for help. She allowed herself to get
overwhelmed, frustrated, and let her workload pile up. If she would have asked for help, she could have
some stress relieved and would have been able to focus more on her task she needed to accomplish. She
was rushing to get her task done without thoroughly performing them. Next time she could be more
professional by asking for help when necessary and paying close attention to the task she is performing.
Also, after she made a mistake by writing the information in the wrong place, she shouldn’t try and hurry up
by covering up her mistake. If she was unaware of the proper procedure, she should have immediately ask
for help to correct her error properly.
2. Instead of using the White Out, what should Rose have done instead with the documents?
Rose shouldn’t have tried to cover up her mistake by using white out. Rose could have corrected her mistake
by drawing a line through the error, where it is still legible. She may then write next to it error, initial and date,
and then write the correct information in the right stop. When correcting a patient’s medical record, you
should never try to black out the information with marker, use white out, or write over an entry. You should
never alter information, only use correct steps to make corrections.
3. What is the proper procedure for maintaining medical records?
The proper procedure for maintaining medical records must follow professional practice standards, as well
as federal and state requirements. Medical records should be maintained and stored in a safeguarded area
that will protect patient’s confidentiality.
4. Should Rose report the nurse manager’s abusive behavior?
Rose should report the nurse manager’s abusive behavior because no matter what the circumstances
maybe she should not approach any employee member like that. Unfortunately, sometimes mistake happens, it shouldn’t be announced for everyone to hear. Patients could overhear and lead to other issues
such as legal, fines, and loss of patients. The manager shouldn’t allow her feeling to take control by shouting
that what she done is illegal and next time she will be fired. The manager could have pulled Rose aside
since she oversaw documenting in this patient’s chart and ask her if she had used white-out on this patient’s
medical record. If an employee commits a legal act whether it was unintentional, they should still face the
consequences of their actions, without publicly being announced.
5. Should Rose be fired for the infraction? Why or why not?
Rose should be fired for the infraction because she intentionally intended to cover up her mistakes. She
refused to ask for help which I believe impacted her decision-making abilities. She waited until the patient left
to hurry up and cover up her mistake with white-out. I believe Rose understood what she done was wrong
and unacceptable. Although she might not have been in the right state of mind at the time, there is no excuse
for illegally covering up information on a patient’s health record. It would have been simple to write a thin line
through her mistake and write the information in the correct area.

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[Solved] Assignment 219096
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